Ban on Umar Akmal has been reduced

Ban on Umar Akmal has been reduced

Ban on Umar Akmal has been reduced. It has been reduced from 3 years to 18 months. The Supreme Court judge said that the suspension period was started in February 2020. The suspension period will end in August 2021.

Umar Akmal thanked the judge for a reduction in a ban. However, he said that I will think about this with my family and lawyer and will try if this can be reduced again.

As per Article 2.4.4, he was found guilty as he breached the Pakistan Cricket Board Anti-Corruption Code because he did not share the details regarding the people who approached him for corrupt activities.

Umar Akmal decided to appeal against the length of the suspension. He was not happy with the punishment given to him. He said that other players were given shorter punishments as compared to him. Luckily, he won the argument because of his lawyer.




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