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Cricket Is Back In India I After a Long Time I Cricketfile

Cricket Is Back In India I After a Long Time I Cricketfile

Cricket is back in India after a long time.

While fans in India enjoyed the IPL (Indian Premier League) edition of 2020 and the Australian tour on their TV sets and smartphones, something was missing. It was the fact that cricket was far away from the Indian soil. But thanks to the upcoming tour of England, due to which cricket is back in India.

The tour will be officially starting on 5th February 2021 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, with a test match.

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How cricket stayed away from India?

IPL 2020 (United Arab Emirates)

IPL 2020 had to be conducted in the UAE because of the Covid-19 epidemic that had gripped the country. It took place from 19th September 2020 to 10th November 2020. Before this, the 2009 edition also took place outside India (in South Africa, to be exact). Players were kept in bio-secured bubbles to avoid contamination. So that the tournament goes successfull. Mumbai Indians emerged as the champions, with Rohit Sharma leading them.

India’s tour of Australia

Once the IPL was over, it was time for the Australia tour. It started on 27th November 2020 and lasted until the Border Gavaskar Trophy‘s end on 19th January 2021. India won the trophy too.

Hence, cricket stayed away from India for months. Even cricketers had to stay away because of strict quarantine guidelines.

England’s tour of India

The England cricket team’s tour is going to start soon in India. They are going to play their first match on 5th of February. It means a lot to cricket fans in India that cricket is back in India. Four tests, five T20Is, and three ODIs will takes place on this tour.

Hopefully, IPL 2021 will also be played in India. While we agree that the pandemic is far from being over, the sentimental value of a match being played in India is quite high for the fans and the cricketers.




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