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Kangana Posted a Hateful Tweet Against Rohit Sharma

Kangana Posted a Hateful Tweet Against Rohit Sharma

Why Kangana Posted a Hateful Tweet Against Rohit Sharma?

Kangana Ranaut is one of the best actresses in the Indian film industry. But she has been involved in several Twitter controversies. Her feud with Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh is well-known to all those who use Twitter. Kangana posted a hateful tweet against Rohit Sharma, which was trending on Twitter.

Kangana Posted a Hateful Tweet Against Rohit Sharma

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Kangana Ranaut vs Rohit Sharma | What happened?

As you might be aware, celebrities from outside like Rihanna and alleged environmentalist Greta Thunberg tweeted in support of the protesting farmers on the Delhi border.

Many termed this as outside interference and even noted celebrities started tweeting that this was an internal matter of India and outsiders shouldn’t interfere.

Rohit Sharma¬†too tweeted about this, but apparently, Kangana was upset with it. She called out Rohit, saying that he was a coward who was afraid. She also used a Hindi idiom, which referred to Rohit as ‘a donkey of a washerman’.

While Twitter has removed this tweet for alleged policy violation, we think Kangana should have chosen her words well. Rohit was defending India in his tweet, and Kangana could have responded in a balanced way. But, she chose to go all out on him.

The farmer’s protest has many angles, with people pointing out that the opposing Congress’s manifesto too had these revolutionary laws mentioned in it.

Whatever may be the case, coming back to the point, Kangana could have used a decent language since Rohit Sharma is one of the best cricket players in India.

While we are battling outsiders, trying to weaken India’s image globally, infighting amongst ourselves like this can be extremely dangerous.


Rohit also didn’t try to reply to this and create a duel. This was a pretty mature thing to do on his part. Hopefully, Kangana would have learned a lesson from this and try to use better language.



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