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Mumbai Indians Is A Better Team Than Indian Team: Vaughan

Mumbai Indians Is A Better Team Than Indian Team: Vaughan

What Happened?

While most retired cricketers don’t make statements, which may create an uproar, Michael Vaughan doesn’t seem to be afraid to do so. Well, this time he took one step more and said that as per him, the IPL franchise Mumbai Indians is a better team than the Indian team.

He also added a hashtag #JustSaying in his tweet. This tweet came after England defeated India in the first T20 match by eight wickets. Most likely he tweeted this to create a friendly stir and he was quite successful in that too.

Mumbai Indians Is A Better Team Than Indian Team

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Wasim Jafar’s Reply

Wasim Jafar then replied to him with a quoted tweet saying that Not all teams are lucky enough to play four overseas players Michael.

Michael Strikes Back

Michael then tried to pull Wasim’s leg by asking him if he had managed to recover from the dismissal at Lords. Well, then a Twitter handle by the name of @robelinda2 uploaded footage of the dismissal which Michael was referring to in a quote tweet. That was it and the banter between Jafar and Michael ended there.

The reaction of Cricket Fans

As you might expect, the replies to Michael’s first tweet were filled with tweets trolling everyone left, right and centre. That is what is the deal with Twitter, it is brutal. While this wasn’t the sole characteristic of all the replies. Some people tried to rationalize the discussion by bringing in data and logic but they weren’t able to secure much likes or retweets.

Some people didn’t get the joke which Michael wanted to make and well, you can guess how they replied. Indian fans love Virender Sehwag’s tweets too because of his great sense of humour. Do follow these players if you don’t want to miss such hilarious exchanges.




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