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Playing In PSL More Rewarding Than IPL I Cricketfile

Playing In PSL More Rewarding Than IPL I Cricketfile

Playing In PSL Is More Rewarding Than IPL says, Dale Steyn

As per Dale Steyn, IPL has become all about money. And hence, it is far better to play in leagues like PSL (Pakistan Super League) and LPL (Lanka Premier League). He also added that PSL and LPL have given more importance to the sport itself.

There Can Be Another Part Of The Story Too

While many might argue that Dale might be telling the truth, there can be another dimension to the story as well. He might also have been asked to make a statement like this to promote the league. Allow us to explain this properly.

Playing In PSL More Rewarding Than IPL

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If IPL was all about the money, then why did Dale Steyn play 11 seasons of it? Why didn’t he realise it at the end of the inaugural season itself? Doesn’t this sound contradictory?

He might indeed have felt that in the later years of the IPL but isn’t making a statement like this an insult to those youngsters who start their cricketing journey through this league?

Similar Anti-IPL Statement By Lalit Modi

This isn’t the first time someone has made a statement against the biggest cricketing league in the world. The former chairman of the league, Lalit Modi also tweeted a similar kind of statement endorsing the Pakistani newspaper, Dawn.

Incidentally, the article which he quoted was written by an Australian who has a history of making unprofessional remarks against many famous Indian cricketers.


Whether what Dale Steyn said has a shred of truth or not, we don’t know but one thing is for sure. Players are trying to justify why they are playing in the PSL in weird ways like this. It should also be noted that many matches of the PSL have got cancelled in the past due to security issues as well.




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