PSL 2021 Got Postponed

PSL 2021 Got Postponed | Why Is It So? I Cricketfile

Why PSL 2021 Postponed? The PCB after conducting an emergency meeting with the management of the PSL franchises has decided to postpone PSL 2021 for now. The reason as many of you might have possibly guessed is a Covid-19 outbreak.

Covid-19 Outbreak

Around 7 people received the test results for the coronavirus to be positive. Out of these 7, six were players. This prompted the organizers to cancel the remaining part of the PSL.

The problem was that these infections weren’t just limited to a single team. But they were spread out to several teams. Now, the drama hasn’t ended just here. Because PCB is now trying to blame the players and franchises and vice versa.

Whosoever’s fault it may have been, cricket in Pakistan has suffered as a result. The most logical explanation for what has happened is that either the players or the hotel staff breached bio-bubble isolation protocols.

PSL 2021 Got Postponed

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What Is Next?

PCB’s priority now would be to make sure that the overseas players who came to Pakistan to play cricket can safely return to their home countries and those who have gotten infected receive proper medical attention.

This is going to affect the economy of Pakistan as well. Because millions of rupees which people had committed for marketing, for buying broadcasting rights will now be sitting ducks. Given the fact that Covid-19 is already taking a toll, this would further send them in a downward economic spiral.

Dale Steyn Gets Trolled As Expected

A few days back Dale Steyn had made a statement that playing in PSL is far more rewarding than playing in IPL. As we all had expected, he was trolled left, right and centre by netizens. Who created a meme feast out of the whole situation. It should be noted that Dale Steyn plays for RCB in the IPL.




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