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Queensland Health Minister comments on Indians I Harsh Statement I

Queensland Health Minister comments on Indians

Queensland Health Minister Said If India can’t play by the rules then don’t come to Australia

Queensland Health Minister comments on Indians: A controversial statement came from Queensland’s shadow health minister Ros Bates. Who said that “In case the Indians don’t want to play by the rules, they should not come to Queensland.” Her views were also supported by Mr. Tim Mander, another member of the shadow ministry of Queensland.

If you ask us, then yes, everyone should be following rules. But, that does not imply that language like this has to be used.

As per us, since most of the Indian cricketers are Hindus, the Queensland ministers are just showing how Hindu phobic they are. Such racist and bigoted ministers ought to be sacked with immediate effect.

As Hindus, we should also voice our opinion against these Hindu Phobic actions of the so-called Queensland government. This whole incident started when Indian players sought some concession—in contrast, playing the 4th test of the Border Gavaskar Trophy in Brisbane.

This was a just demand as the lockdown restrictions are more than strict in the Queensland state of Australia. The best and simple solution for this issue could be that the test venue is changed. Forcing the touring Indian team to play at a venue where they are not comfortable is injustice.

Such blunt statements from politicians about the Indian cricket team, which is perhaps the best cricket team in the world, show the deep hate they bear against Hindus.

While Indian cricket players are gravely disappointed with statements like these. Australian wicketkeeper-batsman Matthew Wade has said that the Australian don’t have any major issue with playing at Gabba in Brisbane.

This might be the case because Australia has never lost at this venue since the year 1988. Hopefully, we will reach a peaceful resolution for this issue. More focus will be laid on actual cricket than simply discriminating against Hindus.




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