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Shikhar Dhawan Bird Feeding Controversy I Cricketfile

Shikhar Dhawan Bird Feeding Controversy

Everything You Need To Know About Shikhar Dhawan Bird Feeding Controversy.

Indian batsman Shikhar Dhawan got involved in a Bird Feeding controversy after he posed his pictures feeding some birds in river Ganga while he was on a boat. The DM (District Magistrate) of Varanasi has taken cognizance. He decides to take action against the boatmen who were involved in this incident.

Shikhar Dhawan Bird Feeding Controversy

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While action won’t be taken against Dhawan himself. But, without a doubt, he made himself a centre of attention and that too, for all the wrong reasons. The thing is, Bird Flu is on the rise in the country. And, proper precautions have to be taken so that it doesn’t spread.

We do in fact agree with a majority of the fans that Shikhar Dhawan might have done this unknowingly. But, someone with a large fan base like him should be aware of things like this.

It’s better to be careful than to be sorry afterwards getting involved in something like this. The guidelines for such conduct were already issued by the authorities of the Varanasi districts. The issue is that lakhs of migratory birds come to Varanasi every year. During the winter season and Bird Flu is a serious concern in the country right now.

The ban on feeding birds was announced in January itself. Announcements were made on the sacred ghats of Varanasi to warn the boatmen and tourists about the dangers of feeding the birds. It has been rumoured that the boatmen in question might also be issued a show-cause notice about why their boating license should not be taken away.

Another one of Dhawan’s past controversies includes a clash with captain Virat Kohli in 2014 in the dressing room. But the good thing about team India’s Gabbar is that he never willingly rakes up controversy like some other cricketers. He for sure would have learned a lot from this and wouldn’t repeat it in the future.




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