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South Africa vs England ODI Postponed: A Big Disappointment for Fans

South Africa vs England ODI Postponed

While fans of both teams were excited to see both teams clash in the first ODI. But the fortune was not because South Africa vs England ODI has been postponed.

South Africa vs England ODI Postponed: Unfortunately, one of the South African players tested positive for Covid-19 and the match was cancelled in the interest of the health of the players and team management.

The match was supposed to be played in Cape Town. The hopes of the English cricket team were especially up since they had won all the 3 games in the T20 series. But, Alas, nothing can be done in the face of such a situation. The decision to postpone the match was taken in the interest of both teams. We welcome this decision wholeheartedly.

South Africa vs England ODI Postponed

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Now hopefully they would be testing both the teams and find out if the infection has spread to the other players as well. We don’t know as of now whether they would be following the expected quarantine procedures or not. As for the player in question who has tested positive for Covid-19, we wish him a speedy recovery from this unfortunate infection.

Covid-19 is a dangerous ailment and we all need to stay protected from it. Wear masks and follow the social distancing guidelines issued by the government. That’s the only surefire way in which we can stay protected from Coronavirus.

We hope that you all are keeping safe from Covid-19 and are safe in your homes.

It’s nice to see also that proper procedures are being followed in international cricket related to Coronavirus. This is all thanks to the ICC and its member countries’ boards. We hope that the match happens on a later schedule after testing all the team members and staff.

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