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Spectators were removed from SCG by Police: Due to Racial Abuse

Spectators were removed from SCG by Police

Why Spectators were removed from SCG by Police? While it was Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Siraj who were the target of the Australian spectators racial abuse on day two and three. But, it was Siraj who bore the abuse on the fourth day of the third test.

It happened during the eighty sixth over of the Australian team’s innings. Siraj, who was fed up with the racial abuse, straight up went to his captain Ajinkya Rahane and reported what was happening.

Spectators were removed from SCG by Police

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Rahane went ahead to talk with the on-field umpires P. Wilson and P. Reiffel and Siraj explained it to them about where the abuse was actually coming from.

The play was then stopped and the local police went into the stands to identify the people who were actually hurling abuse. They managed to identify about half a dozen people who were then asked to leave the stadium premises.

International ex-cricketers like Virender Sehwag, and Tom Moody and commentators like Harsha Bhogle also tweeted about the incident. They expressed their genuine concern about what had happened.

Cricket Australia also tweeted about the incident but preferred to refer to it as ‘alleged’ rather than actually confirming what had actually happened. It would have been way better if they had investigated things before referring to the incident as just being ‘alleged’.

This kind of hurts the feelings of the Indian cricketers and Indians in particular. Also, simply removing people like these isn’t the solution for incidents like these.

The local police should get involved and investigate this matter. Doing so, will make sure that the perpetrators get punished. So that others will learn from this that hurling racial insults at others is a punishable offence.

Also, a background check of the wannabe spectators can also be conducted before they attend the actual match. This might prevent repeat offenders of racial abuse from attending the cricket match.




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