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Suresh Raina Arrested In Mumbai I Mumbai Club I

Suresh Raina Arrested In Mumbai

Suresh Raina is in the news again but this time for all the negative reasons. As per our sources in the Mumbai police, Suresh Raina was arrested with a number of other celebrities at a Mumbai club.

Why was Suresh Raina Arrested In Mumbai? The arrests were conducted for the violations of the set Covid-19 protocols for the civilians. Other prominent celebrities including Sussane Khan, Guru Randhawa were also arrested alongside Raina in a raid of the Mumbai police. They were all later released on bail by their respective lawyers. The club in question was the Dragonfly club. The state government of Maharashtra had imposed several restrictions due to possible coronavirus spread threat.

As a cricketer and a responsible citizen of India Suresh Raina should have been more careful about his actions. Getting arrested over violations of rules like this sends a bad message to society. Since Raina has millions of fans throughout India, he should have been more careful about his conduct in Mumbai.

Suresh Raina Arrested In Mumbai

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We do hope that he sincerely follows the instructions of the government of whichever state he is in. Doing so is important as a citizen of this country as the government makes rules like this for our own benefit.

Suresh Raina and his fellow celebrities were booked under the provisions of NMDA, IPC section 34, 269, and 188. The reason for their arrest by the Mumbai police has been cited as the club is open beyond the permissible time limit which was set by the Maharashtra government. In all, a total of thirty-four people was arrested by the Mumbai police.

These also include seven people from the club’s staff. Suresh Raina’s management has released a statement saying that the cricketer was unaware of the restrictions imposed by the Maharashtra government. We honestly hope that that was the case indeed and Raina did not violate the rules deliberately.

Hopefully, he will be more careful in the future and avoid getting into situations like these.




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