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The Beloved Country says Kevin Pietersen

The Beloved Country

Kevin Pietersen Refers To India As The Beloved Country

India has been helping a lot of countries by sending them Made in India vaccines to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. India also sent a batch of vaccines to South Africa. Pietersen, who although played for England but he was born in South Africa. He felt grateful to the Indian people and the government. Here is how the chain of events turned out as they happened. That is the reason he refers to India as the beloved country.

The Beloved Country

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Narendra Modi’s response

He tweeted that India was the beloved country and he appreciated the kindness of the Indian people. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi too replied by quoting his tweet. He was happy that Kevin Pietersen was affectionate towards India.

How did Kevin come to know about this?

Well, Dr Jaishankar who happens to be the External Affairs Minister. He tweets that the first batch of Indian made vaccines had landed in South Africa. This prompted Kevin to tweet about the generosity of the Indian government.

What’s this?

Nope. There was another positive and negative development as well. The positive development was that the Indian high commission in South Africa thanked Kevin Pietersen for his words. The negative development was that some people (we would not like to reveal who) tried their best to troll Kevin by raising issues which weren’t related to the vaccine delivery.

The issues which they tried to raise were India’s internal matters which India is dealing with in a properly democratic fashion without using any kind of force.


The need of the hour is to fight this pandemic together as humanity. While Kevin is just a cricketer, he couldn’t help but appreciate the genuine concern. Which the Indian government had shown for his motherland.

Hopefully, the world will soon recover from this pandemic and the lives of millions of people will become normal again. Since many have suffered too much in this pandemic.





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