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Umpires Offered to Leave Sydney Test Says Siraj I Cricketfile

Umpires Offered to Leave Sydney Test

Umpires Offered to Leave Sydney Test: As we all know, Mohammed Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah had to face racial slurs from the crowd like ‘brown monkey’ for example.

When Siraj and Bumrah reported this to their captain, Rahane decided to inform the umpires. What happened next was quite bizarre as according to Mohammed Siraj, the Umpires offered to leave Sydney Test in between to the Indian cricket team. But like real cricketers, the Indian cricket team chose to stay on the ground and decided to play on.

Umpires Offered to Leave Sydney Test

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It should also be noted that Siraj’s father died while he was in Australia. BCCI gave him an option to go back to India to attend his last rites. But, he chose to stay in Australia due to his strong dedication to the sport.

Should India have accepted the umpires offer to leave the Sydney Test? Well, it depends on how you look at the issue. Had India left the test match because of this, the whole matter would have gotten politicized. And, cricket as a sport itself would have gotten a lot of negative coverage throughout the world.

As per us, the decision to play on was the correct decision. Which Rahane and team made at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Australian police did remove over half a dozen spectators after the Indian team’s complaint.

Siraj did play a significant role in making sure that the Indian cricket team managed to win the Border Gavaskar Trophy. He took some crucial wickets and made sure that the Australians faced the pressure of his bowling attack.

In the second test, he managed to take two wickets in the first innings. While in the second innings of the Australians, he took three wickets in total. In the third test, he took two wickets in total. While in the fourth and final test, he managed to take six wickets in total.




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