Home Trending Virat Kohli Does Whistle Podu! I Chepauk Stadium

Virat Kohli Does Whistle Podu! I Chepauk Stadium

Virat Kohli Does Whistle Podu! I Chepauk Stadium

Virat Kohli Does Whistle Podu!

While the second test between the Indian and the England cricket is going on at the Chepauk stadium, no one expected Virat Kohli to do the whistle Podu. For those who don’t know about it, the Chepauk is the home ground of the famous Chennai Super Kings franchise of the IPL and those who follow IPL, no this for a fact that CSK and Whistle Podu are inseparable.

Virat Kohli Does Whistle Podu

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He asked the crowd to join too!

He didn’t just stop there; Virat asked the crowd to join him too and made gestures as if to tell them the noise wasn’t loud enough. The fans too joined in and responded loudly. They too enjoyed the moment as cricket came back to India after such a long time thanks to the England cricket team for touring India.

BCCI joined the fun as well!

Yes. You read it right. BCCI’s Twitter handles too joined in the fun and tweeted about this incident. BCCI also praised the Chennai audience for their support towards Virat Kohli and team India. They said, “When you are in Chennai, you should do the #WhistlePodu!”.

Indeed, one should do that.

Excitement for upcoming IPL 2021

Cricket fans all around India are super excited about the upcoming India Premier League. And especially fans from Chennai as it can be the last ever IPL of CSK’s captain and former Indian captain, MS Dhoni.

They are hoping that the IPL gets organized in India itself rather than outside. And chances are, that this can be the case.


If you are going to someday watch a cricket match in Chennai, then do learn how to do the whistle podu. Especially if it is going to be an IPL match. Also, don’t make this about which team you support, even if you don’t support CSK, you can join the fun and enjoy the moment.




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