Famous Homes of International Cricketers – An Overview

The gentleman’s game, cricket has seen many legends who have made a mark on and off the field. Through this ardor for the cricketing career, these legends have not only built fortunes and gained fame but also invested in stunning homes that speak volumes about their achievements and personalities. The homes of international cricketers range from luxurious mansions to sprawling farmhouses providing insight into their life away from the boundary ropes.

This blog post takes us through some of the most famous homes of international cricketers helping our readers understand how opulent lives can be led by sporting stars. For anyone interested in cricket or celebrity dwellings, this summary is an exciting journey.

1.  Sachin Tendulkar’s Mumbai Bungalow

We start our journey at Bandra, Mumbai, India where the ‘God of Cricket’ Sachin Tendulkar resides. A testimony to his glorious career, Tendulkar’s home is a grand bungalow situated in an affluent part of Bandra. It has several storeys and is valued at millions of dollars combining modernity with some traditional elements architecture-wise. There is even a private cricket ground on which it is rumored that the master blaster practices till date his trademark straight drives.

The structure also houses a modern fitness center complete with gym equipment and an Olympic-size swimming pool alluding towards Tendulkar’s continued focus on fitness despite retiring from professional cricket.

2.  MS Dhoni’s Ranchi Farmhouse

We shift to the eastern part of India (Ranchi) where a sprawling farmhouse owned by MS Dhoni is located. Covering an area of 7 acres, this property which is popularly referred to as Kailashpati is a perfect representation of Captain Cool’s obsession with nature and simplicity. It also contains vast lawns covered with green grass, a swimming pool, and even an organic garden space.

A major feature In Dhoni’s mansion is his huge collection of bikes and cars located within the garage block. Besides having contemporary fixtures, the interiors are done in such a way that one can still observe its rustic elements like wooden touches and earthy shades. The place as well has no restrictions for his pets who can occasionally be seen around thus enhancing it homely look.

3.  Virat Kohli’s Mumbai Apartment

At Worli in Mumbai, Virat Kohli possesses an elegant apartment. This high-rise building gives an unobstructed view across the Arabian Sea on one side and the city skyline on another side. Internally offering spacious rooms together with state-of-the-art facilities but retaining their sense of contemporary design features are designed inside.

Being known for its plainness, Kohli’s house seems to mirror how focused he is on living his life meaningfully. In fact, there exists a fully-fledged gymnasium fitted within this home through which Kohli keeps fit at all times. According to reports, Kohli loves sitting on the balcony because it offers panoramic views over the city skies and beyond.

4.  Shane Warne’s Brighton Mansion

Australia’s spin maestro, the departed Shane Warne owned a stunning mansion in Melbourne’s Brighton. This beach house at the edge of the sea was an exemplar of fine living sold by Warne before his untimely death some years later. The multi-million dollar abode had a tennis court and a swimming pool plus its basement which was full of his cricketing career memories.

The Inside blended classic with contemporary styles, tall ceilings and large windows that allowed plenty of natural light. It also had a home theatre and a fully equipped gym as per Warne’s love for entertainment and fitness.

5.  AB de Villiers’ Pretoria Estate

A beautiful estate in Pretoria is now home to South African cricket legend AB de Villiers. This property typifies the versatile nature of de Villiers – it is modern yet homely, luxurious but not ostentatious. The house includes large living spaces, gardens immaculately trimmed, and pools among others.

There are reports that he still does his practice in one of his cricket nets located at his premises as well as being decorated with African art and things related to cricket making them unique and celebrating both where he comes from as well as where he has been in sport.

6.  Joe Root’s Sheffield Home

For England star batsman Joe Root, this is what “home” means; this exquisite residence is situated in Sheffield city which was also his birthplace just like Andrew Flintoff. Unlike several other houses on this list which tend to be flamboyant, Root’s house stands out due to its understated British elegance.

It consists of interiors having traditional English décor mixed with modern amenities available today such as TV sets among other equipment. His personal office space within their home contains all his cricketing gear and trophies to remind Root every day about his cricket journey.

7.  Steve Smith’s Vaucluse Mansion

Steve Smith, one of Australia’s best batsmen, lives in a grand house in the wealthy Sydney suburb of Vaucluse. The multi-million dollar property has been acquired recently and showcases contemporary architecture with clean lines, and big windows framing captivating Sydney Harbour views. The living room was fitted with high-end gym equipment, a swimming pool plus a private cinema to meet his fitness requirements and leisure needs accordingly.

The mansion boasts large open plan spaces that have high ceilings and are finished off with quality products such as a top-notch kitchen for Smith who loves to cook. The extensive grounds also include manicured gardens and numerous outdoor terraces. It is the residence in Vaucluse not only chronicling Smith’s success in cricket but gives us an idea of what life is like for one of the country’s present day cricket stars.


These homes of international cricketers are more than just luxurious residences; they are a reflection of the personalities, achievements, and lifestyles of these sporting icons. Each home shows various aspects from Tendulkar’s cricket-themed mansion to Dhoni’s nature-inspired farmhouse.

The Inspiration for the dream homes they have been dreaming of can be found in the houses of these famous cricket players. Some of those things include incorporating your own personal things, First, create a location that will fit your hobbies, and finally make a relaxing living area which is an actual depiction of your inner self.

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