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Cricket Academy | What Is It? | Should I Choose One?

Introduction about Cricket Academy

Cricket is perhaps one of the most technical sports that exist and unlike other sports, here you can only perform well if you have great technique. It doesn’t matter if you are a bowler or a batsman, learning new things is a continuous process and this is where a cricket academy comes into the picture.

Cricket Academy

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What is a cricket academy?

A cricket academy is like a coaching centre for budding cricketers. Where they practice together under the guidance of a coach or coaches.

The academy culture in India is fairly recent as retired cricketers have started a lot of academies which have changed the landscape of Indian cricketing circle. Even players like Virat Kohli were groomed at academies before they made it big.

Some of the retired cricketers who launched their academies are Virender Sehwag, Madan Lal, etc.

Should I join a cricket academy?

You might be feeling quite overwhelmed after reading about what an academy is. But the thing is, there is no need to worry. In case you are from a small town, you can also practice under a solo coach.

Well-known academies have an advantage that they are disciplined and they have a greater number of coaches. Their keen eyes help you to improve your performance further and become a better version of yourself.


Hope that your doubts about what a cricket academy is and if it is necessary to join one resolved with this article. Also, before you make a choice regarding joining one, do check their reviews and if possible, ask their players who trained there in the past.

This is the way which one must take to make an informed decision about joining an academy. But remember, your studies are important too. Never neglect them out of your passion for cricket. They are an essential part of life.




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