Fastest 150 Wickets in Test | Who Are These 5 Bowlers?

Fastest 150 Wickets in Test | Who Are These 5 Bowlers?


Whether it is a spinner or a pacer, test format is a challenge in itself for them. And taking wickets and maintaining format is yet another must for them. Hence, bowlers who make it in this format are without a doubt the best of all.

5 Bowlers Who Took Fastest 150 Wickets In Test Format

Name Matches
SF Barnes 24
Waqar Younis 27
Yasir Shah 27
CV Grimmett 28
HJ Tayfield 29


1. SF Barnes

Barnes’s career dates back to the pre World War 1 era of the sport. His record of achieving this feat in just 24 matches seems unbreakable even today. Given the adverse conditions of that time, he is rightfully considered to be amongst the best bowlers that the world has ever seen.

2. Waqar Younis

While Waqar made his test debut against India, in total, he took 373 wickets in 87 matches. As a well-known fast bowler, he showed what doing something different as reverse swing (particularly at high speeds) can decimate the batting line up of the other team.

3. Yasir Shah

He is still an international cricket player who is in this list. Though aged 35, he has taken more than 230 wickets in just 44 games. Interestingly, while he is a bowler, he still has a test century to his name.

4. CV Grimmett

He too played an equal number of matches as Tayfield but took 216 wickets. But his era was before World War 2 from 1925 to 1936. While he was born in New Zealand, he represented Australia throughout his international career.

5. HJ Tayfield

While Tayfield touched the 150-wicket mark in 29 matches, his entire career lasted for 37 matches from 1949 to 1960. As many might know, this was a time when not many matches were conducted as commercialization was yet to set in.






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