Free Hit In Cricket I Free Hit I Cricketfile

Free Hit In Cricket I Free Hit I Cricketfile

What is Free Hit In Cricket?

The concept of free hit is somewhat recent when it comes to cricket. It was made official in October 2007. As many of you might be knowing, it is given by the umpire when the bowler in question bowls a no ball.

Earlier, only the foot crossing the line while bowling would mean the batsman would be awarded with it but since 2015, all types of no balls result in a free hit being given.

Free Hit Rules In Cricket

  • Fielding side isn’t allowed to change the existing fielders’ locations.
  • A no ball on a free hit would mean another free hit on the upcoming delivery.
  • The umpire while awarding one to the batting side has to make a circular motion with his finger on the top of his head.

While most batsmen try to hit it big on a delivery like this one, there have been a lot of cases where batsmen fail to leverage things in their favor.

Can a batsman be stumped out on a free hit?

No, a batsman cannot be stumped out on a free hit. The allowed ways of dismissal on a free hit are run out, obstructing the field, touching the ball with the bat twice, and handling the ball.

It should also be noted that the wicketkeeper can stand at some safe distance away from the stumps just in case so he stays safe.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a free hit used for?

A free hit is usually used for playing a big hit. If that isn’t possible, the batsman still tries to hit a four to take maximum possible runs on the given delivery.
The main purpose of a free hit is to discourage the bowler from bowling a no ball as the repercussions of the doing the same are greater number of runs for the opposition team.

Is stump out is valid on free hit?

No, stump out isn’t valid on a free hit as per the laws of cricket.

Is free hit ball counted?

Yes, free hit ball is counted as a regular delivery of an over. The thing to note here is that the no ball that results in the free hit being awarded isn’t considered as a legitimate delivery.
But in case the free hit becomes a no ball or a wide ball, it isn’t counted and the next ball is then considered as a free hit.

Can you be out on a free hit?

Yes, there are four ways of getting dismissed on a free hit delivery.
Handling the ball
Getting in contact with the ball twice with the bat
Field obstruction
Run out.

Is free hit permanent?

No, a free hit or free hits are isolated incidents that are a result of no ball(s). There number may be different in every innings or match as you might have guessed.

Is Hit Wicket out on free hit?

Surprisingly, hit wicket dismissal isn’t considered a legitimate way of getting out on a free hit. On other normal deliveries, it is.

What is free hit after no ball?

Free hit basically implies restriction in terms of the number of ways a batsman can be dismissed. This gives immense freedom to the batsman and usually they go for taking the big shot on this delivery.

Is there a free hit in Test match?

No, there is no concept or provision of free hit in test cricket.

is there a free hit for height no ball?

Yes, there is a provision for giving free hit after facing a height based no ball.

Can a batsman be runout on free hit?

Yes, a batsman can be runout on a free hit. It is one of the four ways in which he can get dismissed.

When was Free Hit first Introduced?

Free hit was introduced in the T20I cricket world in 2007.

Are Field Changes allowed on a Free Hit?

No, besides minor changes in the position of the wicketkeeper, field changes aren’t allowed on a free hit.

What happens if the Batsman gets Bowled on a Free Hit?

The batsman won’t be dismissed and the play will proceed as usual.

What is the Umpire’s Signal for a Free Hit?

For giving the signal of a free hit, the umpire will make a circular gesture on the top of his head with his index finger.

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