MS Dhoni Captaincy Record

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MS Dhoni Captaincy Record

MS Dhoni is one of the most popular Indian cricketers. He has also captained the Indian squad for quite a lot of matches. So much so that he has even managed to make records. MS Dhoni’s captaincy records in his career have been quite impactful. He has captained a whopping 331 international cricket matches from 2007-2018. This is a record in terms of the number of matches for which he leads the team as a captain. Ricky Ponting is in second place with 324 matches from 2002-2012.

MS is also the only captain who has led his team to victory in all ICC trophies. He is a true legend who holds many more records. His fans loved him while he played as a cricketer and he managed never to disappoint them. But sadly, due to his increasing age, he announced his retirement from the captaincies.

In 2014, he announced his retirement from international test cricket. While in 2017, he quit his ODI captaincy. Fans these days miss the days when he used to play the part of the captain of the Indian team.

He is also the only captain who has managed to achieve the most T20 wins. He also holds some minor records like:

  • Highest runs in a given test inning as a captain and wicketkeeper
  • Most dismissals (wickets) in a given test match
  • Hitting the most number of sixes as a captain

We hope that you did enjoy reading about these records which were achieved by MS Dhoni. Although he is retired, we can’t deny the role he played in shaping the current Indian cricket scene. He was a great captain and a team player who lead to transform the Indian cricket team. Under his leadership, the Indian cricket team achieved countless achievements like winning the cricket world cup in 2011.

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