Paytm Fair Play Award Winner of IPL 2020

Paytm Fair Play Award Winner of IPL 2020 I 13th Edition I

Team Who Plays in Right Spirit Throughout the Tournament

Mumbai Indians won the Indian Premier League 2020 against Delhi Capitals on November 10, 2020, at Dubai International Stadium, UAE. Paytm Fair Play Award Winner of IPL 2020 is Mumbai Indians.

The ‘Fair Play Award’ is an initiative of the Indian Premier League and is one of the unique features of the tournament. The team who plays the best throughout the season and shows the right spirit gets rewarded with the IPL Fair Play Award. Since its inception in 2008, this award is presented as a token of appreciation to the team that shows the ‘Spirit of the game’ and announce to the world how cricket is played.

Indeed, In IPL 2020, Mumbai Indians have been awarded the ‘Fair Play Award’ as they deserve a token of appreciation for playing amazingly throughout the season. They truly kept the spirits of the cricket alive.

The system of the Fair Play Award is how fair the game was played and each team gains “Fair play points’ after every match. In the end, the team having the maximum points is awarded the title. Out of the total score of 10, the on-field umpires award the points on different parameters on the basis of how the team has adhered to the “spirit of the game”.

Different Parameters of the “Paytm Fair Play Award” are mentioned below:

Teams that uphold the spirit of the game = 4 points

The team which shows respect for the opposition team = 2 points

Teams that show respect towards the laws and rules of cricket = 2 points

Teams that respect the umpires and officials = 2 points

Paytm Fair Play Award Winner of IPL 2020: Important Highlights

Paytm Fair Play Award 2020 Winner Mumbai Indians
Captain Rohit Sharma 
Total Innings Played in IPL 2020 17
Wins 12
Loss 5
Top Batsman Ishan Kishan
Most Runs 516
Top Bowler Jasprit Bumrah
Most Wickets 27
Win % 64.2 %
Points 18

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