Who Is The King Of IPL?

Who Is The King Of IPL?

Who is the king of IPL? This is a hotly contested topic in the Indian cricketing space. The Indian Premier League boasts some of the most brilliant and talented cricketers globally. But, there is always the best of them all. In this case, Virat Kohli takes the crown as the King of IPL. This article takes a look at his statistics in the game and the reasons why he earned the moniker ‘king of cricket’. Let’s dive in!

Virat Kohli IPL History

Virat Kohli made his IPL debut in August 2008 while playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. He is the only player to have featured for the same franchise for 15 years. Though he captained the team and got to the finals, Virat was not able to clinch the prestigious IPL title. Yet, his effort and brilliance in the sport cannot fail to be acknowledged.

Reasons Why Virat Kohli is the King of IPL

1. Form and Technique

Virat’s form and fitness on the field cannot be questioned. He is always pushing himself to perform better than in his last match. He has also mastered his technique well to ensure that his batting prowess is unmatched. This ensures that he always displays great performance while on the field.

2. Consistency

Blowing hot and cold is never a good attribute for any sportsman. Virat has consistently proven himself by showcasing beautiful performances in all matches and across all cricket formats. He has made both IPL and international records.

3. Passion

Virat’s love for cricket started at the young, tender age of 9. It is this passion for the game that has given him the drive to always be the best and improve his skill. This talented batsman has always put in the work for both his franchise and the Indian national team.

4. Leadership and Discipline

Kohli captained the Indian national test team for almost a decade before he stepped down in 2021. His long stint on the seat is proof of his great leadership skills and his ability to motivate his team. His ability to control his temperament has also helped him be an inspiration for young and upcoming cricket stars

5. Adaptability

Virat’s ability to adapt to different playing conditions has enabled him to shine in all cricket formats. The games have different conditions and structures and a great cricketer should be able to change and adapt to the format. Virat has been able to seamlessly do this hence his stellar record.

Virat Kohli Statistical Record

Runs – Virat Kohli has over time proved his mettle by consistently displaying spectacular results in all formats of the sport. He boasts a record score of over 25000 runs. He has displayed a perfect form over the years with very impressive strike rates. Kohli is the first cricketer to achieve a 3000-score run in the IPL.

Matches – Virat has played a record 725 matches since his IPL debut in 2008. His great leadership skills and great temperament also saw him serve as India’s national team skipper during the Australian tour. His dedication and discipline in the sport have seen him continuously being retained by the RCB franchise ever since he joined the IPL.

Hundreds –Virat is the second-best century scorer in the IPL with 5 centuries to his name. He is set to break Gayle’s record because he still plays while Gayle is retired. He ranks second internationally with 76 centuries. We look forward to seeing him set new records in his prime.

 Innings – Virat currently holds one of the highest records with 549 innings. He has achieved this in 492 matches. This ambitious batsman is out to give other cricketers a run for their money and he is not holding back. His brilliance on the field is truly unmatched. Hardly a wonder he has such a massive fan base right?

Average – Virat Kohli has displayed spectacular scores averages in all cricket formats. He boasts averages of 48.9,57.3 and 52.7 for test series, ODI, and T20I respectively. He has a 36.7 average in T20 Indian league. All these are great averages for any cricketer.

Bottom line

IPL has undergone tremendous growth since its inception in 2008. It is ranked as the second richest and performing league internationally. While choosing one cricketer to be the king of the IPL may be difficult and a long-standing debate. Currently, Virat Kohli wears this crown perfectly.


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