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Coronavirus has made all of us stay indoors and hence, people are adapting the games that don’t require much physical interaction and yet are fun to play. “Book Cricket” is one of them.

When we hear the word “cricket,” the thing that comes to our head is a game that is played between two teams of 11 players each where one team bats and the other team balls.

Nonetheless, only a few of us are aware of another version of the cricket game that is played with the help of a pen and paper. Yes, cricket too can become an indoor game and that is what is known as “Book Cricket.”

Book Cricket is a traditional version of the game that was very popular at one time among students. Students in India, Pakistan, and Srilanka used to play this game in schools or at home.

This game doesn’t require one to go out. One doesn’t even need a bat or a ball or eleven players in each team to play the game. All one needs is two teams of three to four people each or maybe less who are willing to have some fun indoors with a book and a pen and paper.

The game simulates the cricket game and has many variants. As the game is a traditional one, one can mold the game according to the number of players available. However, some basic rules remain intact.

The game is played by flipping the pages of the book from the backside and noting the last digit of the number of pages. That last digit then becomes the run, the person gets. However, if one gets a 0, the player gets out, and if one gets an 8 that is considered to be a no-ball.

Due to this variant of “cricket,” one can enjoy the game even in the comfort of their own house.





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