Cricket Bat I Types & Sizes Of Cricket Bats I Cricketfile

Cricket Bat I Types & Sizes Of Cricket Bats I Cricketfile

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Cricket bat

Cricket is the most renowned and celebrated sport across the world. People watch it with utmost zeal, fervour, and enthusiasm. A cricket bat is an essential accessory in this game. Although all the bats used in cricket look the same, they have certain varieties.

The variation in cricket bats is based on wood, size, and the material integrated into forming them. The four distinguished kinds of cricket bats are as follows-

  • English willow cricket bat

English willow bats are those which have refined grains in the wood. They are pretty soft and light. English willow bats also withstand the time shocks as they are composed of phenomenal quality wood.

  • Kashmir willow cricket bat

Kashmir willow is the most pivotal kind of bat available in the cricket equipment arena. A prominent factory of Kashmir produces furnished bats comprising excellent wood from Kashmir. These bats are very hard in nature but light in weight. They can bear the test of times quite effortlessly. Kashmir willow bats are also tough and scratch-resistant.

  • Poplar willow cricket bat

Poplar cricket bats are those which contain poplar wood material in their composition. The poplar wood is very soft, and it is not as concrete as Kashmir or English willow wood. This type of bat is generally used by kids so that they don’t get hurt while playing. The beginners also initiate learning the batting with poplar bats only.

  • Training bats

Training bats are those which are solely made for training sessions of cricket and not for professional purposes. The most notable part about training cricket bats is that they are not specific about the wood material. Both English or Kashmir willow is used in their composition.

Types Of Cricket Bats

  1. Kookaburra
  2. Grey Nicholls
  3. GM
  4. SG
  5. MRF
  6. Ceat
  7. Spartan
  8. SS
  9. Reebok
  10. Nike
  11. BAS
  12. New Balance
  13. PUMA

Sizes of Cricket Bat

  • Laws of Cricket (Bat Size)

Before we discuss the sizes of cricket bat that are commonly available in the market and online, we should talk about what the laws of cricket have to say about the subject.

Length <= 38 inches
Width <= 4.25 inches
Overall Depth <= 2.64 inches
Edge <= 1.56 inches

In matches, umpires are given gauges to check if these specifications. There are finer details too related to this which can be found in the 5.1 section of the laws of cricket.

  • Bat Size Chart

Size Length Width
Full Size (Long Handle) 34.375 inches 4.25 inches
Full Size (Short Handle) 33.5 Inches 4.25 inches
Harrow 32.75 Inches 4.16 inches
6 31.75 Inches 4.00 inches
5 30.75 Inches 4.00 inches
4 29.75 Inches 3.75 inches
3 28.75 Inches 3.75 inches
2 27.75 Inches 3.50 inches
1 25.25 Inches 3.50 inches

The sizes in this table have been calibrated as per the age and height of the individual. Weight too will vary with the same. If you are looking to buy a bat for your kid, then make sure that it is something that he or she is comfortable with.

Largest Cricket Bat

Incidentally, the largest cricket bat in the world is Chennai. Take a look at its dimensions before we proceed to discuss things in detail.

Weight 6600 Kgs
Length (Total) 51 feet 3 inches
Length (Blade) 33 feet 7 inches
Handle Length 17 feet 7 inches

Another great thing about this bat is that it was unveiled by Kapil Dev in June 2019. For those who don’t know, Kapil Dev was the captain when the Indian cricket team won the 1983 cricket World Cup.

How to choose a cricket bat?

Cricket is a prominent game across the world. A cricket bat is the main piece of equipment used in the game. No matter whether the bat is required for professional matches or domestic usage, it should be perfect. Following are the few parameters which help in choosing an excellent bat-

  • Size of cricket bat

The foremost point you must keep in mind before purchasing the cricket bat is to look at its size. Bats are available in diverse sizes ranging from short, medium, to long heightened ones. Go with the size which will bestow you a good grip and will enhance your batting skills.

  • Handle’s shape

The second factor in introspecting is the bat’s handle size. Choose the handle which will impart you reasonable control over the bat. Select the shape of the handle in bat by keeping your holding techniques in a note.

  • Grains of bat

One of the most critical factors to look at while choosing the bat is grains on the bat. The grains are the representation of the tree’s age from which the bat is carved. The older the age, the more refined will be the wood. Thus, coaches recommend the batsman to go with the bats with a good number of grains.

  • Quality of willow

The following pivotal point to note while choosing the cricket bat is looking for the quality of willow. There are English and Kashmir willows available in bats. Select the one which will be long-lasting and effective for your batting strategies.

  • Budget

The last but not the latest factor is to look at the budget. Pick a few brands which will be perfect as per your budget. Grab the most affordable and convenient one from the laid list.

 Unravel all these prominent factors while choosing the bat to get the best one.

How to hold a cricket bat?

Holding a cricket bat correctly plays a vital role in enhancing the game. If the batsman has a perfect grip over the bat, then he can perform with more magnificence. Cricketers integrate a wide variety of techniques to hold a bat with perfection. So, that they can attempt a variety of shots with sheer precision and explicitness. Following are the two well-known techniques of holding a bat correctly-

  • V technique

V technique is a prominent method of holding the bat. For holding the bat in this technique:

  1. Place the bat on the ground with its face downwards.
  2. Make a V shape using your thumb and forefinger.
  3. Create a V illustration of both hands.
  4. Hold the bat, maintaining the V shape only. The right-handed batsman must keep the right hand on top of the bat, and left-handed ones should place the left hand on the top.
  5. Spare a little space between both hands. This technique will help you in making shots in all directions.

V technique is the most used technique in the cricketing realm. 

  • Knot technique

Start the knot technique by making a V shape only using your forefinger and thumbs. Now rotate your hands in a clockwise direction if the top hand is left. In the same way, rotate in an anticlockwise direction if the top hand is the right one. Keep fastening your hands until both the top and bottom hands face the same direction. In this position, make sure that the V you have formed is in an open upwards position. This method works best for short as well as fastballs. It will entitle you to a good grip and will also increase your stride rate.

These two are the most notable techniques used in the cricketing world. They work best for most of the batsmen and help them in attempting good shots. 

How to buy a cricket bat online?

Choosing a suitable bat online might seem an uphill task to accomplish, but it’s pretty easy. Following are the three primary parameters which one should look into the bat before purchase.

  • Price

The first thing to check is pricing criteria. Check the price of the bats you have on your wishlist, then compare them with market rates. Ultimately, go with the ones which are reasonable and durable.

  • Brand

The next and most crucial point to remember while choosing a bat online is brand. Reebok, Puma, Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicolls and Kookaburra are the most notable brands. Go for these as a priority as they are quite reputed.

  • Reviews

One of the most essential elements is to examine the reviews. Checking the feedback of the customers will assist the users in selecting the superb bat. The reviews are based on real-time usage and experience; it is why checking them is crucial.

Just keep these three factors before selecting the bat online, and you will make a good purchase.

How to make a cricket bat at home?

Cricket bats mark the base of the cricket game. They are pretty fancy and expensive for those who need them just for some domestic use and fun. Well, you don’t need to expend heavy bucks into purchasing a bat as you can make it at home too. All you will need is an unused wooden block and some carpenter tools. Making a cricket bat at home looks pretty cumbersome, but it’s pretty effortless if one undertakes the correct steps.

Following are the significant steps you need to follow to carve a perfect bat at your home-

  1. Mark the measurement on a wooden block

The first step is to take a plain wooden block. Then, dot the measurements using the scale on the wooden slab. Carve a perfect shape on the wood as per your size and weight preferences.

  1. Cut the bat according to the distribution.

After marking the measurements, cut the bat according to the measure with utmost precision and accuracy. Using the hand saw, follow all the markings and procure a perfect shape. You can cut a rough shape too and refine it in the later step.

  1. Refine the bat

Using the wooden plane, refine the shape of the bat. Keep scraping the spare part on the bat’s surface using a wooden plane. Shed all the extra parts and focus on illustrating the edges of the bat the most. Perform the refining of the bat with extra care and explicitness as its handle is very delicate.

  1. Giving final touch and finishing

Now the last but most crucial step is to bestow the final outlook to the bat. Tie threads on the handle of the bat to give it a more appealing look. You can attach a rubber cover too to confer a more attractive look to the bat.

Execute all the above steps with sheer perfection and get yourself a fine bat.

How to grip the cricket bat?

The most important part of cricket is to attempt deliveries in the perfect manner possible. Well, perfect shots take place only when the grip on the bat’s handle is firm and smooth.

To ensure a solid grip on the bat, stick to the V position. V technique is the most crucial trick to present the best shots in slow and fast bowling too. Make a fine V shape using your thumb and forefinger and place it on the back of the bat’s surface. You can shift the V position to the front surface of the bat too as per your convenience. The critical point to remember is to maintain the V shape.   

Another most pivotal factor to intensify the grip is to check and maintain it continuously. To cross-check the grip, practice with the stumps. While practising, remove the middle stump for a while and attempt shots from the back of the stumps. Attempt a few straight drives and backlift, and they will provide you with feedback on the grip. If the ball sails through the middle stump’s space smoothly, then the shot would be perfect. But if it does not pass effectively, then work on your grip. Place the bat on the ground and attempt more shots until your grip improves. Maintain the vertical bat’s position while trying the shots. These few add-ups will improve your grip game to whole new folds.

Make sure you are checking on your positions of the hand and shifting them according to your preferences. During the game, don’t focus only on the ball; give a regular check to your grip too. A concrete grip on the handle will make you attempt shots more gracefully. Follow the listed tips and develop a fine grasp and eventually add more perfection to your batting skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the world’s largest bat located?

Phoenix Mall, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

What material is the world’s largest bat made of?

Poplar willow.

Who made the world’s largest cricket bat?

Surreal Brand Solutions.

How do you make a cricket bat?

If you really wish to make a cricket bat by yourself, then you need to learn the relevant woodworking skills from a carpenter. In case you don’t have these skills, you may end up hurting yourself.

How do you make a cricket bat out of cardboard?

You can make a decorative cricket bat out of cardboard by filling the hollow cavity with newspaper frills. If you have prior experience making decorative items with cardboard, the end result would definitely be great.

How can I make my cricket bat stronger?

You can make your cricket bat stronger by oiling and then knocking the same. These are processes that should be properly done for the best possible result.

What tools do you need to make a cricket bat?

The tools include those that are needed for cutting, pressing, making the V shape cut for the handle, shaping, sanding, twining, polishing besides a number of other ones.

Should you oil your cricket bat?

Yes, oiling is a way of improvising a bat but note that it should be done properly to get the best results. Using the right oil too is important.

What happens if a cricket bat gets wet?

You should try your best not to get a bat wet as it can have disastrous effects. The reason being that the porous surface will allow the water to go through and expand the willow fibers.

What is the weight of Virat Kohli’s bat?

The average weight of the bats that Virat Kohli uses is 1.165 Kgs.

Which wood is best for a cricket bat?

English willow is considered to be the best for cricket bats.

Can I knock my bat without oil?

It is advisable not to do that as the best results of knocking come only after oil.

Can I use olive oil on my cricket bat?

Yes, you can use olive oil for oiling your cricket bat.

How do I know if my bat is knocked in?

When you perform the ball bouncing test, if the seam marks appear, then the knocking isn’t complete and if the case is vice versa, then it is properly knocked in.

How do I know if my bat is knocked in?

When you perform the ball bouncing test, if the seam marks appear, then the knocking isn’t complete and if the case is vice versa, then it is properly knocked in.

Can we use coconut oil for oiling a cricket bat?

No. Coconut isn’t the right choice for oiling a bat.

How do you protect a bat?

Besides not allowing it to get wet, you can also knock and oil, tape the face, and use toe guard.

How do you dry a bat?

Leaving it for 24 hours after oiling will dry your cricket bat.

Which bat is used by Dhoni?

He uses the Spartan MSD 7 limited edition but had used different ones in the beginning of his career.

Do Adidas make cricket bats?

It used to make them but stopped doing so.

What is short handle cricket bat?

A short handle cricket bat has a handle that is smaller by an inch.

Who used the Aluminium cricket bat?

Dennis Lillee used it on 15th December 1979.

What weight of a cricket bat should I use?

When it comes to weight, use the one that you are most comfortable with.

Is machine knocking good for bat?

Machine knocking does have precision which isn’t practically possible for humans. However, whether or not the difference between both the ways is significant is something that is debatable.

Do Kashmir willow bats need oiling?

Yes, they do need oiling even though they aren’t as strong as English willow bats.

What happens if you don’t knock in your cricket bat?

If you don’t knock your bat and face and face a fastball, there is a chance that your bat will either crack.

How many times should I oil my cricket bat?

Oiling your cricket bat once every month is something that should be done.

Can we use mustard oil on the bat?

Yes, you can use mustard oil but the surface may become sticky. Linseed oil is a better alternative though.

Are Kookaburra bats pre knocked in?

If the bat is marked ‘pre-prepared then they are pre knocked in. This might save you the time which goes into preparing a bat.

How do you knock in a bat quickly?

It isn’t recommended that you try to quickly knock in your bat quickly. It is something which is better done while taking your own time.

How do you knock a bat with a hammer?

While a mallet is recommended for knocking a bat, you can do the same with a hammer after completing the oiling and drying the same.

Are GM bats pre-knocked in?

Yes, they are pre-knocked in.

Why do cricketers tape their bats?

Taping the face is one of the many ways in which cricketers increase their bat’s lifespan.

Is linseed oil good for cricket bat?

Yes, in fact, it is a better alternative when compared to mustard oil in terms of the end result.

How do you tape a cricket bat?

While taping the toe, you need to be careful about keeping it just above the toe. If you haven’t done this before, it is advisable that you ask for help.

Which bat does Virat Kohli use?

He uses the Genius Grand Edition by MRF.

Which bat should I buy?

If you are an amateur playing in a local tournament, then try to get a Kashmir willow one. For professional players, a high-quality English willow bat is a must.

Which bat is best for beginners?

If you play gully cricket or cricket with your friends, any local wooden bat would do. But if you have joined an academy, it is recommended that you get a Kashmir willow bat.

What is the popular willow bat?

The brand which famous cricketers like MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli use are fairly popular. On the international level though, English willow far more popular than its Kashmiri counterpart.

Are Adidas bats good?

Yes, they are pretty good. But a point to note is that they do outsource their production.

Does Nike make cricket bats?

No. While they do sell them, the manufacturing is outsourced. The quality however isn’t affected much by doing so.

Did Ponting use spring bats?

No. Ponting didn’t use any spring in his bats. It was rumor and a conspiracy theory that spread after his decisive knock in the 2003 World Cup final.

Which England captain once walked out to bat but forgot to take his bat with him?

Ian Botham

How heavy is Chris Gayle’s cricket bat?

He uses a heavy bat weighing 1.36 kilograms.

What is the weight of Rohit Sharma bat?

His cricket bat weighs about 1.1 kilograms.

How can I reduce the weight of my cricket bat?

You can remove the sticker and then use some sandpaper. Or if the problem is how you are perceiving the weight, then consider adding an extra grip. Shadow practicing with just one hand can also change your perception.

What is the weight of Sachin’s cricket bat?

While Sachin’s use of his wrists is legendary, his bat is quite heavy and weighs about 1.47 kilograms.

How do I improve my bat stroke?

You can leverage biomechanics if you wish to improve your stroke quality. Being fit and making use of the correct technique is still a basic requirement though.

Do bowling machine balls damage bats?

Yes, they can. Hence, it isn’t recommended to use your bat against bowling machines. The issue is that the balls which these machines sometimes use are quite hard and therefore, there is a chance that your bat might crack.

What is Extratec on a cricket bat?

It is used as a way of preventing the edge and surface cracks from appearing. The lifespan of a given bat increases as a result.

Can you knock in a bat too much?

Yes, it is possible to overdo knocking. By doing this, you will only decrease the amount of time it is going to last.

Does knocking cricket bat improve stroke?

Yes, it might improve your stroke but the amount of improvement will be nominal. The main purpose of knocking is to prolong the life span.

Which tape is used for a bat?

A tape made from fiberglass material is used for a cricket bat.

Does a cricket bat need oiling?

Yes, a cricket bat needs oiling.

Which oil is best for cricket bat?

Linseed oil

Why are cricket bats so expensive?

With advancements in technology, cricketers whether those playing in domestic tournaments or international ones want the very best of the best bats. As a result, the price is somewhat high.

Which glue is best for a cricket bat?

While applying the toe guard, it is better to use epoxy glue. Though it will be available under various brand names.

How do you fix the bottom of a cricket bat?

Following proper steps while using glue can fix minor cracks at the bottom of your cricket bat.

Are Puma cricket bats good?

Their cricket bats are quite great but a point to note is that they do outsource the manufacturing while maintaining the quality standards.

Does Ceat make bats?

Yes, they do make bats. This decision was taken in 2014.

How do you increase the weight of a bat?

Using a greater number of grips can increase your cricket bat’s weight. As of now, there is no maximum weight limit placed by the ICC though the restrictions on dimensions keep the bat in a certain weight range.

How do you weigh a cricket bat?

You can weigh a cricket bat on a weighing scale. It is advisable to have the fan turned on as that might disturb the measurement.

How do I know the weight of my cricket bat?

You can get to know the weight of your cricket bat either by checking the specification of the same from the manufacturer or by actually weighing it.

Can you use a cracked bat?

It isn’t recommended to use a cracked bat anywhere.

Why do cricket bats crack?

Bats crack because of aging or because they haven’t been knocked properly.

How do you bind a cricket bat?

You can bind a cricket bat by doing the same in a proper gradual manner. A point to note here is that ICC limits the binding to a maximum of 2.5 inches.

Where are Slazenger cricket bats made?

Slazenger too seems to have outsourced its manufacturing to India.

Should you practice with a heavier bat?

If you are finding that your current bat is feeling even though it is not, you can try practicing with a heavier bat to change your perception.

Can a bat be too light?

Yes, a bat can be too light if it is made from low-quality wood.

Why was the beast bat banned?

It was banned because of some stickers used on it that the ICC said were ‘against the laws of cricket.

Are hybrid bats good?

Hybrid bats are something that uses the word ‘hybrid’ in their name. Yes, many international cricketers do use these bats.

What is better aluminum or composite bat?

The aluminum bat isn’t allowed as per the laws of cricket. The same goes for composite bats.

Do aluminum bats go dead?

Aluminum bats have been long outlawed as per the laws of cricket.

Do heavier bats hit farther?

The hitting farther aspect isn’t only dependent on the weight of the bat but also on the quality of your swing.

How can you tell if a bat is knocked?

The appearance of the seam on the bat while doing the bouncing ball test is a surefire way of saying that the bat isn’t knocked.

How long should a cricket bat last?

In terms of runs scored, a typical bat lasts just a thousand runs. The reason it is measured this way instead of time is that batting is the stress which affects the lifespan of a cricket bat.

Can you knock in a bat too much?

Yes, you can knock a bat too much after a certain optimum point.

Do you need a toe guard on a cricket bat?

If you wish to prolong the life of your bat, then yes you do need a toe guard.

How do I protect my cricket bat toe?

You can protect the toe of your cricket bat by installing a toe guard.

How do you restore a cricket bat?

While 100 percent restoration of a bat that has minor cracks isn’t possible, you can make them functional by using glue, sandpaper and some tape.

How can I make my cricket bat shine?

Waxing is a way with which you can make your cricket bat shine.

Are laminated cricket bats legal?

Laminated bats usually mean those bats that involved joining two wood pieces with an adhesive. This isn’t legal.

Can you paint a cricket bat?

It isn’t recommended to paint your bat by yourself as it might affect the performance. The ban on the beast bat is a prime example of why excessive stickers or out-of-the-box colors can attract a ban. Manufacturers also paint bats to hide low-quality willow.






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