Dead Pitch in cricket I What is a Dead Pitch? I Cricketfile

Dead Pitch in cricket I What is a Dead Pitch? I Cricketfile

Cricket is one of the most famous sports; there are many concepts and styles involved in this distinguished sport. One such important aspect is cricket pitches. The Cricket pitch is the primary region of the entire cricket field where the actual game takes place. It is generally 22 yards long and approximately 10 feet wide. Dead pitch in the cricket is the rigid one, has no grass or any precipitation. These pitches are flat and are also referred to as boneyard for bowlers. Dry and hard pitches are considered suitable for batters as they get a more refined area to perform. The dry pitch is a boon for batters as the ball comes easily towards the position of their bat. There are three most prominent pitches in cricket- dry or dead pitch, green pitch, and dusty pitch.

Characteristics of a dead pitch

  • Dead pitch consists of no grass. It is completely dry and contains zero moisture.
  • The pitch is warmed by soaking all the retained moisture out of it. Grass rollers remove even the slightest roots of grasses and are cut down to give a plain pitch appearance.
  • Dead pitches are pretty eminent in India. These pitches bestow a neat surface to the batsman to attempt the bowler’s delivery.

The reason why dead pitches are best for the batsman

It is undoubtedly a fact that parched pitches are best for bowlers. They get a cleaner surface to shoot the bowl. If the pitch has grease and moisture, then it is promising for bowlers. On moisture-rich pitches, the ball tends to change its grip. The lost hold of the bowl can create a problem for the bowler making his batting even more difficult. Dry pitches are best to prevent the sharp bowling styles of spinners. The dead pitch works in favor of the batsman, even against the fast bowlers. Dead pitch, in general, does not offer goods to any bowler. It just creates an excellent platform for the batsman to keep an eye on the ball and attempts the best shot possible. Batters can pull big shots with utmost grace and precision on dead and dry pitches only. Thus, for the batsman, dry and ridged pitches are the best.

Dead pitches play an integral role, especially in the gaming style of a batsman. They go against bowlers but support batters. Dry and dead slopes are used in the majority of games depending upon the nature of the field.






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