Cricket is Like a Religion in India

Cricket is Like a Religion in India and is full of emotions

Cricket plays an indispensable role in the lives of Indians. It is not a mere sport but a festival in India. That is the reason cricket is a religion in India and is full of emotions. People here celebrate it with utmost dedication, devotion, and love. Cricket and the craze of Indians for it is commendable. Fans of cricket in India set the standards relatively high when it comes to displaying love for it.

The sport imparts all the oomph of this world to Indians. Be it IPL, test, or international one-day matches, the game manages to grab all the attention. Before the world cup or important matches on international levels, people also conduct puja ceremonies and rituals to pray for India’s victory. Whenever any Indian tournaments occur, cricket adorers throng the stadiums; those who do not go for a live match contribute their part by watching matches on television or OTT platforms.

The vitality of cricket in India is so intense that the TRPs and OTT ratings of the game soar at an extraordinarily high stride. When India plays against any rival country, India’s brotherhood, unity, and solidarity are worth adoring. People from all the strides of life join hands together and support India’s cricket bandwagon with full tenderness.

Cricket is Like a Religion in India

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What makes cricket so eminent in India?

Cricket is undoubtedly the best source of recreation and pastime. Also, the fascination of Indians for it is unmatchable. The unpredictability of the game makes it the most terrific and finest sport. The vigor and morale of this game are beyond the gauge of excellence. For Indians, cricket is not just an event of overs, ball, and bat. Indians rejoice every moment of it. They watch the game, not only for amusement and revitalization; they love it with sheer enthusiasm and supreme craze. There are many reasons which make cricket a religion and an incredibly cherished sport. Let’s unwrap all the significant reasons behind the overwhelming success of cricket in India.

Following are a few parameters that solidify the charm of cricket in India:-

Although there are a good number of reasons which make cricket a praiseworthy sport in India. Following are a few points which add more grace to it-

  • Duration

The interval of this game is neither too long nor too short. This characteristic contributes immensely to enhancing the popularity of the game in the country. On more massive levels, the game takes place as a 20 or 50 overs game. It keeps the interest and attention of the spectators intact in the game. Even during the test matches, people admire the game’s longevity as it radiates more thrill. The medium duration of this sport indisputably adds worth to it. It is one of the fundamental reasons which has glorified the image of this game in the eyes of Indians.

  • The pattern of the game

The hierarchy of the game is yet another enticing factor that makes cricket an incredible sport. Its culmination of overs, team, matches, and review systems expands the sport’s essentiality to the next expanse.

  • Introduction of IPL

One more component that has taken cricket popularity to a whole new dimension is IPL. The Indian Premier League has reinforced the fondness of cricket in the mind of children, women, adults, and senior citizens. IPL created a spur of interest and craze of cricket and miraculously disseminated the concept of sport.

  • The best source of entertainment

India is a populous country and requires terrific mediums of entertainment and joys. For decades now, cricket has emerged as the best source of pleasure and rejuvenation. It imparts them a break from the monotony of their life, creating a feeling of freshness. Although there are numerous other sports and programs in the broader picture, cricket continues the most applauded one.

Role of women cricket in increasing the importance of cricket

The entry of women into the cricket arena is also bolstering the popularity levels of India‚Äôs sport. Earlier, women had the least interest in cricket. But with the moderation in the game, women also love this terrific sport. They enjoy it as beholders, and even women from different walks of life are coming to the forefront for participating in the sport. Gone are the days when only men’s cricket owned people’s love and attention. The past few years have made women’s cricket equally popular. The pathway of women’s cricket has graced India with yet another reason to enjoy and love cricket.

Role of players in glorifying the significance of cricket in India

The eminent personalities in cricket have a significant share in enhancing the importance of cricket in India. The aura of famous cricketers begins with Kapil Dev, whose captainship adored India’s lap with its first world cup. That first world cup in 1983 was a big deal for India as it rolled up India’s image in international cricket. Since then, there seems to be no going back for India.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni added another milestone in Indian cricket history by establishing a grand victory against Sri Lanka in the home country. Under his mindful captainship, India won the second world cup in 2011. Not just world cups, India has outshone the world on an international pace by proving its splendor in this sport. Also, other cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Virat Kohli, Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid, Rohit Sharma, Mithali Raj, Jhulan Goswami, Smriti Mandhana, and many others have encouraged and enlightened cricket by establishing landmarks in it.

It was a brief wrap about the implication of cricket in the lives of Indians. We all know that somebody did not construct Rome in a day. Likewise, the vitality of cricket is not an overnight phenomenon. Years of cricketers’ perseverance, the charm of sport, outlook, and patterns of the games are the prudent reasons behind cricket’s successful face in our country. Today, cricket is a giant in the sports world, and no other sport is even around it when it comes to popularity. People in India lauds cricket as supreme faith and religion. The emotions, sensibilities, and happiness of people in India are attached to this sport. That is the reason cricket is a religion in India.







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