Cricket Movies In Hindi | Hindi Cricket Movies I Cricketfile

Cricket Movies In Hindi | Hindi Cricket Movies I Cricketfile

The excessive fanfare that cricket gets in India is second to none. More than a billion people isn’t what it is all about. For someone from outside who looks at the Indian streets, finding youngsters playing the sport with zeal might be surprising. But for us Indians, it is an everyday sight. It is an unwritten rule that fans irrespective of their age will surely watch the game for a delivery or two before moving on with their everyday life. For many, it reminds them of their childhood and brings a smile to their face. For others, it gives hope. The same is true with India’s largest film producing industry, Bollywood. Cricket movies in Hindi give aspiring cricketers hope and to the others, a peek into the life of their heroes when watching biographical ones.

For discussing all the 14 movies, we have divided them into two sections, the top rated and the other ones. It shouldn’t be assumed that the ‘other’ ones aren’t worth your time. They are after all stories whether based on reality or pure fiction that will entertain you or teach you or maybe inspire you for becoming better.

Top Rated Cricket Movies In Hindi

1. MS Dhoni: The Untold Story

Late Sushant Singh Rajput got immortalized by this movie. It portrays how MSD started out from a lower middle family and went on to not only represent but also lead the Indian team.

Given the enormous size of his fan base, it has also been made available in Tamil and Telugu. The struggles that Dhoni went through have been captured in this masterpiece and Sushant’s acting skills have brought MSD to life even in the film.

If you have watched it and are Mahi’s fan, perhaps it is time to watch it again. It went on to become the fifth most successful one to date in terms of box office collection.

2. Lagaan

Perhaps the 1st most known movie of the 2000s that went beyond cricket. Lagaan implies the tax that was imposed at the time of British India and the film revolves around the question whether the villagers will pay it or not?

Then what is its relation with cricket you may ask. The deciding factor here is just one match. If the residents of Champaner win, they will get an expemtion and if they lose, they have to pay more of it.

The catch here is that they don’t know anything about the sport and have to learn everything right from the basics. Will they defeat the British and get an exemption?

3. Sachin: A Billion Dreams

Given the sheer number of years Master Blaster has played cricket for India, there are multiple generations who are his fans.

Though Sachin: A Billion Dreams is a documentary film, it makes a valid point. Those whom we consider haven’t had their sports careers always in their favour. The film also talks about the Gregg Chappell episode of the team which wasn’t particularly pleasant for many.

The ending has a surprise for all as it conveys us something that touches our hearts. Another point to note is that the narration is by Sachin himself to ensure you get a ‘Sachin feel’ about it.

3. Iqbal

Even if you haven’t watched Iqbal, you would still have listened to Aashayein. Yes, the song that was on the lips of millions as motivation is from this movie. It revolves around a boy who dreams of becoming a cricketer but is discouraged by his father. Destiny then lands him under the guidance of a local drunkard who was once a great player.

The twists and turns continue but will he make it into the men in blue? For admirers and fans of Kapil Dev, he also makes a guest appearance for relevant reasons. One thing is for sure though, you will hum the song for a few days after watching it.

4. Jannat

While the name means heaven, it isn’t about the one that many usually think of. The heavenly phase doesn’t last long as the protagonist is involved in the sinister game of fixing matches. While the two main stories are about his fixing venture and his love story with his romantic interest, the ending has a lesson for us all.

Will a polar mixture of greed and love triumph or will it all end in a disaster? Why disaster you might ask. The police as usual as involved. But wait, there is an added factor too, the underworld given the obvious illegal nature of it all.

5. Azhar

Mohammad Azharuddin and his career was tainted by the alleged fixing scandal. While many will watch Azhar for knowing the truth of it all, they are in for a surprise.

It covers his life as well and the toll that the incident took on him as a result of the ban. Whether the movie is based on truth or not when it comes to fixing is something for the fact checkers to figure out.

But he too was major cricket player that helped India in all his capabilities for most of his career. The songs too are worth listening to for connoisseurs of music.

6. Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii

Brought a smile to your face? Don’t know what we are talking about? Read the tile of this post again. Anyway, orphans for the most part are considered to have been neglected by society but the protagonist in this case is different.

The twist is that he gets hold of a magic bat that helps him become a part of the Indian team. But the captain of the team too has his own issues to deal with.

The ending again is all about hope. Many of us have watched the movie as a child but for the younger generation, it is a must watch especially as a kid.

7. Kai Po Che

No, we haven’t placed it at the end because of our dislike of Chetan Bhagat (which we do for obvious reasons), it has more to do with the fact that it is a gem. The flashback type of the movie tells us the religious riots and their impact. The end message is the humanity stands tall and has the capacity to overcome every obstacle that there is.

A must watch for all because of the above-mentioned reasons. The involvement of cricket is just a cherry on the top and perhaps also the minor focal point of the plot.

Other Cricket Movies In Hindi

1. Patiala House

While in reality families of now famous cricketers have mildly opposed their son’s choice of playing cricket, Patiala House is about absolute opposition. Gattu wants to play for England but his father doesn’t want him to do anything with the sport. But his friends make sure that he tries his best.

Added issue that the movie wishes to address is that of racism and what the change in the situation has been. A point to note here is that movie is related to cricket but isn’t simply about cricket.

2. Million Dollar Arm

While almost all movies in this list are directly about cricket, this one involves an American trying to scout baseball talent not knowing the popularity cricket enjoys in India.

What the film tells us is that cricket and baseball might be different but yes, cricketers too can be great baseball players. The reasoning behind the name will get clear once you watch it entirely and the associated emotions like unintended greed.

3. Dishoom

The top Indian cricketer has been allegedly abducted and IPS Kabir has to find him anyhow. Before he heads over to the Middle East where the match is about to happen, his girlfriend cheats on him and he is left heartbroken.

Will he and his local colleague for the time being help him along with a pickpocket find the cricketer or will it be too late. John Abraham and Varun Dhawan together will give you an experience of bromance compounded with action which Abraham is well-known for.

4. Hattrick

While the movie at the time of its release didn’t get the traction as hit ones do, it does have an interesting plot. A doctor who doesn’t like cricket gives treatment to a cricketer and this affects his relationship with his wife that she doesn’t like it.

Another reason is the presence of Nana Patekar who is lucid and brings life to his character as always. The message of the movie is that family is everything at the end of the day and without the understand of love, a person is incomplete.

5. Ferrari Ki Sawari

Sachin’s car has been stolen but the thief doesn’t have any idea of having done this. But the reason behind doing this is connected to cricket. The movie features Sharma Joshi and Boman Irani who also appeared in fan favourite 3 idiots.

While Ferrari in the film’s name might gotten clear to you, the sawari isn’t just about driving the car, it is the entire pace things go in the same.

Fun fact, the movie fetched more than 4 times its budget. Do watch in your upcoming movie binge.

6. The Zoya Factor

What happens when a cricketer who doesn’t believe in luck encounters something that changes his belief? Isn’t enough? Throw in her love life and the entire saga of her being the lucky charm of the team and the associated tussles.

But will the luck last or will the story end in a completely different manner.


Hope you found the movies that have been your favourite and others may have found their way into your watch list. Surely Hindi movies related to cricket but we would also recommend you to explore others in Telugu and Marathi too with subtitles if possible.

The reason being that the essence of cricket transcends language when it comes to experiencing it with the help of cinema.




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