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Delhi Capitals is an IPL franchise that represents the city of Delhi. It has been a part of the league since its inception. It has played all editions of the IPL organized till. Many of us who have been following IPL know that Delhi Capitals used to have a different name. So, when did they change its name?

Delhi Capitals

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Delhi capitals is one of the most fabulous cricket teams in the Indian premier league realm. It represents our national capital Delhi. Shreyas Iyer is currently the sole representative and captain of this incredible team. Delhi Capitals laid its first step in the IPL world in 2008. Earlier, the team was known as Delhi Daredevils. Parth Jindal is the owner of Delhi capitals. In the 2020 IPL, Delhi’s capital performed with utmost brilliance and explicitness. It even paved its way in the finals against Mumbai Indians. Delhi Capitals gave a rigid shoulder to the most prominent IPL team Mumbai Indians, in the IPL 2020 Final Match.

Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant, Prithvi Shaw, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ajinkya Rahane, and Shreyas Iyer are the most renowned players. Legendary player Virender Sehwag has also been the player of this team. Although, there is no IPL title victory in the lap of the Delhi Capitals. But, the team never fails to impress its fans and performs outstanding every year.

Performance of Delhi in IPL

IPL 2008

They managed to finish in the 4th position in the first season.

IPL 2009

They made a comeback and won the title in 2009.

IPL 2010

This season wasn’t that great for them as they finished 5th.

IPL 2011

This season was one of the worst for them as they came last.

IPL 2012

They managed to make a comeback as they won the title

IPL 2013

Again, they finished last in this edition of the IPL.

IPL 2014

Their bad luck continued as they yet again were last on the points table.

IPL 2015

This tournament too wasn’t great for them and they came second last.

IPL 2016

DC finished at 6th.

IPL 2017

Again, ended on the 6th.

IPL 2018

Again, came last.

IPL 2019

They improved and came 3rd.

IPL 2020

Improved their performance further and were able to become the runners-up.


Q When did Delhi Capitals change their name?

Ans Delhi Capitals used to be known as Delhi Daredevils before. The team management changed its name in the 2019 edition of the league to its current name. The reason which was given for the name change was that the owners wanted to symbolize the fact that Delhi is the capital of India.

Q Who are the owners of Delhi Capitals?

Ans The team as of now is jointly owned by two entities that have a 50% stake in the team. They are:

–        JSW Group

–        GMR Group

Now, we will be discussing their performances in all the seasons of IPL till now.

Q Who Is the Best Player of Delhi Capitals?

Ans Shreyas Iyer is without a doubt the best player of Delhi Capitals. He was also the skipper in the last edition of the IPL. Shreyas scored a total of 519 runs in the 17 matches that he played in IPL 2020 with an average of 34.60.  He was also on the fourth position in his race towards the orange cap.

Q Who Is the Sponsor of Delhi Capitals?

Ans As per a deal which was finalized in 2019, Ebix Cash is going to be the leading sponsor for Delhi Capitals in IPL 2021 as well. Ebix Cash is nothing but a financial company using which one can make use of foreign exchange services, transfer money, recharge mobile or DTH, apply for a loan etc.

Q Who Was the First Captain of Delhi Capitals?

Ans Virender Sehwag was the first-ever captain of Delhi Capital back when it used to be known as Delhi Daredevils. In the first season, he smashed 406 runs in the 14 matches that he played with an average of 33.83. Delhi finished at a respectable 4th position under his captaincy in this season.

Q How Much Is Delhi Capitals Worth?

Ans The value of the runner-up of the IPL 2020 edition Delhi Capitals is worth 154 million dollars since 50% of its stake was sold by GMR to JSW Sports for 77 million dollars in 2018. For sure the value would have increased by now but this is still our best estimate.

Q Has Delhi Won Any IPL?

Ans No, Delhi Capitals is yet to win an IPL title. They did come very close to winning their first one in the last season when they made it into the finals but there, they were beaten by 5 wickets by Mumbai Indians. This till date has been their best ever IPL performance.

Q Delhi Capitals Jersey

Ans The Delhi Capitals are yet to release their official jersey for IPL 2021 but their past jerseys have been predominantly blue and colourful. Hopefully, their new jersey for this season of the IPL will be great as well and their fans are waiting for it to be launched quite eagerly.



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