What is the Difference Between Hook Shot and Pull Shot

What is the Difference Between Hook Shot and Pull Shot?

We will try our best to explain the difference between the hook shot and pull shot. If you have this question, then it’s a great thing because, in theory, both are somewhat similar.

If we talk about the difference based on the type of delivery, then the pull shot is mostly played against a ball coming at the waist height of the batsman.

What is the Difference Between Hook Shot and Pull Shot

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While the hook is played against a shorter ball aimed at the region between the chest and the batsman’s head. If we talk about safety issues, then the pull shot is comparatively safer than the hook shot. This is because the ball is directly aimed at the head and chest region while playing the hook shot.

A well-known Australian player, Phillip Hughes, has also died while playing the hook because the ball hit him on an unprotected region of his head.
The hook is also comparatively difficult to control as a shot out the two since the ball’s height is relatively higher than the pull. Always wear the helmet even while you are practising the hook in the nets. This is because of its entirely not worth the risk. It must have been quite tricky for the past cricketers who didn’t even have access to helmets.

But thankfully, we do. Research is also being conducted regularly to improve helmets to reduce the chances of getting injured due to a failed hook shot. It doesn’t always mean that every shot played when the ball is shorter is a hook shot. The ball has to be in line with batsman’s body as well. This is an essential criterion for the hook.

While playing the pull shot, this condition is precisely the opposite. The ball has to be outside the line of the batsman’s body while playing the pull shot.




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