First Person To Wear a Protective Helmet in Cricket

First Person To Wear a Protective Helmet in Cricket

The first person to wear a protective helmet in cricket

The helmet is an integral component in cricket matches in the present era. Today, helmets in cricket are quite obvious, but there were times when batsmen played the games without helmets. We are talking about the time back in the 1900s. Dennis Amiss was the first-ever person to wear a protective helmet in a cricket match.

Mr. Dennis is an English cricketer who stressed the importance of protecting the head during games using headgear. He is the one who introduced the concept of helmets as imperative defensive equipment.

Dennis realized that cricket is quite a risky game because it can lead to severe injuries. If it is continuously played without appropriate protective equipment.

He initiated the concept of wearing a helmet as a headgear, which will protect the sensitive head from the ball’s fast pace. His impression is quite incredible as a game such as a cricket requires full-fledged protective equipment. We owe a token of thanks to this terrific player who inaugurated such a fundamental element in the cricket world.

Dennis Amiss wore a helmet for the first time. During a world series event that took place back in the 1970s. Since then, there seems to be no going back for the helmets. From that match, the prominence of helmets started proliferating. Cricketers, coaches as well as spectators cherished the idea of the introduction of helmets in cricket tournaments.

This idea has indeed saved numerous players from getting injuries. People from the cricket fraternity will always be grateful to Dennis Amiss as he coined this fantastic idea. Albion sport is a brand that introduces the first helmet, and after that, the rest is history. In the current era, we cannot even imagine the game without helmets. The helmets are as crucial as bats and balls in cricket.





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