Gwadar Cricket Stadium

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Introduction: Gwadar Cricket Stadium

Gwadar Cricket Stadium is in the news now since posted a tweet on Twitter challenging people to find a more picturesque venue for playing cricket than the Gwadar stadium. The pictures then went viral on social media. Indeed, if you check out the pics, you too will fall in love with the stadium.

Gwadar Cricket Stadium

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Tabraiz Shamsi’s Reaction

And while the South African team is in Pakistan, one of their players, Tabraiz Shamsi asked if the third Twenty-Twenty match between South Africa and Pakistan could be shifted there. Wasim Akram too joined in said that the ground had to be the prettiest of all in the world.

The ground came to prominence when a PSL (Pakistan Super League) team organized a training camp at the stadium last year.

How did the fans react to ICC’s challenge?

Fans then started to share images of Dharamshala cricket stadium in Himachal Pradesh, Muzaffarabad cricket stadium in POK, Pokhara Stadium in Nepal. A fan did try to troll by saying that the stadium will be named after MS Dhoni when Balochistan will be captured by India.

The replies which this fan received from some people can’t be discussed as they are very offensive. A noted Pakistani celebrity (Fakhr-e-Alam) also shared a video from the ground. In which, he was seen asking people to come to play cricket there.

Hopefully, an international cricket match will be played there. Hopefully, the security of the players will not be compromised as well.


Every cricket ground is beautiful in its way but some grounds like Gwadar make you say just wow! Venues like these are what make cricket extra special when it is played there. Sadly, grounds like Gwadar get neglected whenever a team tours a country. Hopefully, changes will be brought in which will be for the better.




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