How Do Cricketers Get Their Numbers? I Jersey Numbers

How Do Cricketers Get Their Numbers? I Jersey Numbers

Why Are Jersey Numbers Important?

Ask any MSD fan about his jersey number and all of them (yes, 100% of them) will give 7 as their answer. Dhoni even has a brand named after his jersey number. Anyway, we hope that you comprehend the importance of these numbers. Now, let’s take a walk in the past regarding the history of How Do Cricketers Get Their Numbers.


  • World Series Tournament in 95 – 96 sees the first-ever use of a number of shirts.
  • The 1999 World Cup becomes the 1st one to have players wear such jerseys. The captains are given 1 as their number and their players are allowed to choose from 2 to 15.
  • Players later start wearing their numbers without any restrictions in choosing them.

Procedure For Allotting Numbers To Cricketers

There are no set rules by the ICC regarding this matter. Hence, players choose their numbers though they make sure that theirs doesn’t match with any other player in their squad.

Secret Of Jersey Numbers

How Do Cricketers Get Their Numbers? I Jersey Numbers




Shikhar Dhawan 25 Luck, birth date of his daughter
Yuvraj Singh 12 Born on 12th Dec. on 12 PM in Sector 12 of his hometown
Sachin Tendulkar 10 Surname starting with ten phrase and improved performance after using 10 instead of usual 99
MS Dhoni 7 Born on 7th July (7/7)
Virat Kohli 18 In remembrance of his father who passed on 18th December


As you can see, these numbers have a story of their own. So, next time you want to know more about a player, do try to find out why he has chosen the given jersey number for himself. Some like Virat’s are about remembering and staying connected with one’s roots.


What are the ICC guidelines for choosing numbers for players?

There are no set guidelines by the council when it comes to this issue.






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