Cricketers Who Married Their Relatives

Cricketers Who Married Their Relatives I Cricketfile


Most of the cricketers have either love or arranged marriage. But there are bizarre cases where players marry their relatives. In this post, we will be talking about 4 such players who married their relatives. Let’s start!

List Of Cricketers Who Married Their Relatives

1. Mosaddek Hossain

This Bangladeshi cricketer married his cousin Sharmin Samira Usha. But wait, the story gets interesting. Before getting divorced, his wife alleged that he was torturing her for a dowry amount of 1 million taka. Umme Tamanna is his current wife and she isn’t his cousin sister.

2. Mustafizur Rahman

Rahman tied his knot with Samia Parvin who was then a Psychology student. His marriage took place in March 2019 in a very private wedding ceremony. His brother then said that the family decided to get him married as he was upset by the alleged attack in Christchurch.

3. Saeed Anwar

He married Lubna, his cousin who also happens to be a doctor. Tragedy struck him in 2001 when his daughter died after a long illness. As an after effect, he turned to his religion and began his career as a preacher of Islam as a part of the Tablighi Jamaat.

4. Shahid Afridi

He married his cousin from his mother’s side and now has five daughters. One of his daughters is going to get engaged to Shaheen Afridi as per several news reports. He once accepted on BBC that Pakistan has no talent. There were many other controversies of which he has been a part of.


While this might sound repulsive, this is reality. We advise you not to go to their Instagram or Twitter pages and troll as you should then expect a strong reaction from their loyal fans that number in hundreds of thousands.

Also, most of these marriages are confined to countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. It should also be noted that their adherence to traditional customs may have been a driving factor of the same.





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