How Do Cricketers Learn English Language? I Cricketfile

How Do Cricketers Learn English Language? I Cricketfile

Why Is It Needed?

If you have seen cricket matches, you might have noticed players being asked about their experience or their performance in the given match. It is a norm that they answer in English since it is understood by a majority of fans around the world. Needless to say, this makes many wonder about How Do Cricketers Learn English Language. Which is why we are going to talk about the various ways in which they do this.

Ways In Which Cricketers Learn English

1. By Getting Educated

Many players like Anil Kumble are engineering graduates. Hence, they do speak fluent English. Many aren’t that fortunate and are usually those that weren’t able to complete their schooling or college degree.

2. From A Dedicated Instructor

If someone doesn’t know English and has the potential of becoming a great cricketer, he usually opts for instructors who groom the player for speaking the necessary amount of English or more.

3. Reading

Many of them have or later pick up the hobby of reading books / novels or magazines. This also greatly assists their grip and control over how sentences and expressions work.

4. Practice

Practicing a language helps anyone gain mastery over it. If you listen to Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Virat Kohli speaking in English, you can tell that they have been practicing it since a long time.

5. Watching TV Shows And Movies

This might also be a method with which players improvise or even culture themselves as per what is required of them in the parties or celebrations at the venues.

What Happens If A Player Doesn’t Learn English?

Embarrassment to say the least is the end result in case someone messes up basic English grammar. Take a look at this tweet.

How Do Cricketers Learn English Language? I Cricketfile

This tweet itself has been a subject of endless memes and showers of hilarious jokes on Umar Akmal. Avoiding embarrassment is one thing and acquiring a bad name for the team.

The worst case scenario is when a player messes things up during an interview as this gets him wider negative publicity among his fans.

Is English Necessary For Becoming A Great Cricketer?

No, it isn’t required to become a great cricketer however it does improve one’s image and public perception. Indian cricketers and by that we mean all of them have excellent control of the language.

Its due to the fact that education is a part of Indian culture and parents here try their best to get their wards admissions into the best possible schools and colleges.





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