India complains of the racial abuse of Siraj and Bumrah

India complains of the racial abuse of Siraj and Bumrah

India complains of the racial abuse of Siraj and Bumrah. While early on in the ongoing third test match of the Border Gavaskar Series, an Australian cricketer Marnus tries to sledge Indian openers Shubhnam Gill and Rohit Sharma. But, the crowd went one step further and hurled racial slurs at Indian bowlers Mohammed Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah.

Having racist thoughts about other races is perhaps the worst kind of idea that one can have in his/her mind. 

India complains of the racial abuse of Siraj and Bumrah

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This tells us that although Australia might have become a developed country. But, some people are trying to damage their reputation. Development in any country has to be inclusive. The Indian cricket team players are just guests who are there in Australia for a tour.

If they are being treated like this, then you can only imagine the conditions of the racial minorities in the country. The good thing is that current Indian skipper Ajinkya Rahane and off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin notified the match referees on duty about these incidents.

According to us, the ICC (International Cricket Council) should intervene and take strict action against Cricket Australia who is responsible for conducting these matches. The Australian government also needs to apologize to the Indian cricket players and the Indian public. For the gross misconduct of their citizens.

If possible, video evidence should be collected, and those at fault must be given severe punishment for promoting hatred and animosity. Whenever foreign cricket teams visit India, they are showered with love and affection.

We Indians believe in the philosophy of “Athithi Devo Bhava” (A guest is an equivalent of God). Meanwhile, the Australians are busy hurling abuses at our players. If possible, the BCCI should break its relations with Cricket Australia till appropriate action is taken against the perpetrators.

This is important because doing nothing will achieve nothing. A FULL STOP needs to be placed so that incidents like NEVER happen again while two teams play cricket.




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