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What is a knee injury in cricket?

Cricket is an immensely admired sport in India and across the globe. It is a game that requires a massive churning and movement of the body. This factor also unfolds the chances of injury and other mishappenings to the cricketers. While playing or during practice, players often come across certain muscle tension and injuries. Knee injury in cricket is one of the most common problems which occurs to cricketers while playing. It is because the knee remains agile in the game for prolonged durations.

knee injury in cricket

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While bowling, there are specific knee movements that should diligently stick to bowl in the right manner. In the batting phase, too, the batsman sets a particular position to bat correctly. Running and fielding also requires juggling of knees.

All these requirements in the game make the players prone to the instances of a knee injury. There are many occurrences where players got a knee injury, which kept them offside for a long time. Knee injuries are severe problems in the cricketing area as it throws adverse effects on a player’s performance.

Cricket is a game that requires continuous running movements, lunging, and jumping, which widens the horizons of a knee injury. Knee injuries in the cricket spectrum are of two types- chronic and acute. Chronic wounds are quite severe as they harm the vitality of the player in the long go. Acute knee injuries are way more feasible as they heal relatively quickly.

After encountering a knee injury, the player reports continuous struggle of muscle and joint pain. It affects their game to an extent, well, there are specialized treatments for healing and alleviating the knee injury. But, still, one cannot neglect the consequences of this injury. Doctors and fitness masters advocate that players must practice well and keep a continuous check on their knee movements. So that it can prevent adverse episodes of knee injuries.





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