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What Is the Meaning of Howzat in Cricket?

What Is the Meaning of Howzat in Cricket?

What Is the Meaning of Howzat in Cricket? Most of us who started watching cricket as a kid often wondered what it meant when the bowler and his teammates would shout ‘Howzat’ altogether? The same question might be troubling newbies who have just started to watch or follow cricket.

To clarify this, it is a way of asking the on-field umpire whether the batsman in question is out. ‘Howzat’ is a short form of ‘How was that?’.

What Is the Meaning of Howzat in Cricket?

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The appeal is the most vocal when the case is that of possible LBW (Leg Before Wicket). Even when the point is that possible runout or wicketkeeper stumping, the umpires on-field wait for the players to make a soft appeal.

Although the requirement of an appeal is a must before a batsman is declared out. But, in most cases when the batsman knows for sure that he is out. Then, he by his own choice starts to walk off the field. Things like this happen when a batsman gets bowled or caught out.

Some cricketers display immense sportsmanship and decide on their own to walk off the ground. Cases like these are rare but are quite lovely to watch. Some cricketers have even walked off the field because in their mind they knew that they were out. Even though the on-field umpire did not consider him/her as out.

But newbies should also keep in mind that the ICC (International Cricket Council) does not allow excessive appealing in a given match. Many teams and individual cricketers have been fined for excessive appealing till date.

Appealing while knowing that the batsman is not out. It is also not considered a proper behaviour as a cricketer and is also liable to various degrees. The players are also not allowed to pressurize or try to intimidate the umpire while appealing.




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