Melbourne Cricket Ground I Melbourne Cricket Stadium

Melbourne Cricket Ground I Melbourne Cricket Stadium

The Melbourne Cricket Ground has seen some of the greatest ever cricket matches till date. So, it’s quite vital that we talk about the stadium’s past. Another of its name by which it is known as is MCG.

The stadium holds a record for being the largest overall stadium in the Southern Hemisphere (not just the largest cricket stadium).  It was created in the year 1853. It also holds the honor of being the main stadium for the Summer Olympics of 1956.

It is also the stadium which held the first ever international test cricket match and the first ever ODI (One Day International). It was also a organizing venue for two ICC cricket world cups (2015 and 1992).

Besides cricket, it also regularly holds Australian Football games. It is perhaps the most important cricket stadium in the world after Lords in England. It is also commonly referred to as the MCG which is an abbreviation of its name.

It is also famous for the annual Boxing Day test matches which are played here. It has also been declared to be a ‘heritage site’ by the Australian government. It was great decision since this place has seen so much of the early days of cricket.

Some of the memorable events related to cricket which happened here were Muralidharan getting his bowls labelled as ‘no balls’ by the on-field umpire for allegedly chucking the ball, the Pakistani cricket team winning the ICC World Cup in 1992 and the famous underarm delivery by Trevor Chappell.

The stadium is also home to the Australian sports museum which has been built by Australian government to promote the importance of playing sports in the younger generation of Australians.

Hence, we can all agree that this particular stadium is a relic in the cricketing world and hopefully it will see many records break on it.






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