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The Motera Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is one the best cricket stadiums in India and the world. Its rebuilding got completed just last year in February.

Spread in 60+ acres, the stadium complex is a testimony of the marvels of Indian engineers. The total cost of the current stadium is estimated to be more than 110 Million US Dollars. The stadium is called Motera because it is situated in the Motera locality of Ahmedabad.

Motera Cricket Stadium

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The current capacity of the stadium is about 110 thousand spectators. The older stadiums had a capacity of just 54 thousand.


The stadium is owned and managed by the GCA (Gujarat Cricket Association). Besides cricket, many other programs are too organized in the stadium. You can also check the page of the stadium of the official site of the Gujarat Cricket Association.

World Cup Matches

To date, Motera has hosted matches in three world cups. They are;

  • 2011 Cricket World Cup: Three matches were played here out of which one was that of India against Australia. India won that match. India went on to win this World Cup.
  • 1996 Cricket World Cup: One match which took place between England and New Zealand.
  • 1987 Cricket World Cup: A single match of this tournament took place between India and England in which India triumphed.

In the upcoming world cup in 2023, there are chances that some matches are going to be played in this venue. Till now, India hasn’t lost a single match in all the world cup matches that they have played here.


After the reconstruction, the stadium has become really amazing and hopefully many matches will be played here. The current Secretary of the BCCI Jay Shah was the one who oversaw the reconstruction project. Modern cricket grounds like these are necessary to promote cricket in India.

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