Which cricketer is known as Mr 360 degree Player in cricket?

Mr 360 degree

The South African cricketer AB De Villiers is considered as the master at the crease and the most destructive cricketer in the world. The complete sportsperson, we can say, who can brilliantly perform in all the aspects of cricket. He is highly capable of handling the duties related to either batting, bowling, or fielding. His impeccable all-rounder qualities have made him the most valued sportsperson worldwide and earned him the title of Mr 360 degree player in cricket.

Even the best bowlers of the world have surrendered themselves against De Villiers. Due to his highly unconventional shots with a tinge of traditional batting. Mr 360, single-handedly has defeated the top-most bowlers of the world, who can score runs smoothly. Indeed, there is no comparison at all, of his entertaining shots which compels the crowd to cheer for him all day long.

Mr 360 degree Player in cricket


Adaptive to all the Bowlers in the world

Abraham Benjamin de Villiers who has been titled ICC ODI Player of the Year thrice has the capacity to hit the ball all around the wicket despite the speed of the wall. He is affluent with the textbook shots that he can hit a six within a wink of an eye. Apart from that, his thunderbolt-unconventional shots flabbergast the fans, bowlers; even the commentators fell short of words.

De Villiers shots are invincible

Name a shot and see AP De Villiers deliver it wonderfully. He is unafraid to hit the ball at straight drives, extra cover, the mid-wicket boundaries, leg scoops, reverse sweeps, switch hits, pull shots. However, he instigated so many new shots, especially belligerence, Natraj shot, Right-handed turn left-handed, etc.

Although he announced his retirement in May 2018 from all the cricket formats. But, there are speculations that he might appear in the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup. That is the reason Ab de Villiers is known as Mr 360 degree player in cricket.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the MR 360 degree?

AB de Villiers

What is the meaning of Mr 360?

Mr 360 means someone who is an expert at doing everything. In the case of ABD, this holds true in his batting as well where he fires shots in all directions. He is also an excellent fielder. Off the ground, he plays sports like football, rugby, tennis etc.

Who is India’s 360-degree batsman?

KL Rahul is referred to as India’s 360-degree batsman. This nickname took off after Sanjay Bangar referred to him as that.

Who is the best 360 batsman in the world?

If we take into account all the characteristics and performance of AB de Villiers, then he rightfully called as the 360 batsman in the world.





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