New Guidelines for BBL 2020-2021

New Guidelines for BBL 2020-2021 I KFC Big Bash League I

KFC Big Bash League will conduct its 10th edition of BBL Season on December 10, 2020. The Australian professional men’s Twenty20 tournament has been scheduled to be played for 61 matches. Along with that many new guidelines for BBL 2020 – 2021 have been announced.

Cricket Australia suggested several rules for playing the 10th season of the Big Bash League. Of which a few were substitutions, bonus points, free hits for wides. Consequently, Cricket Australia introduced only three changes to bring a significant strategic element to the playing condition of BBL.

To ensure strategic thinking is achieved, the newly designed guidelines for the Big Bash League tournament 2020-2021 will maximize the interest of viewers throughout its 40 overs.

Power Surge

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New Guidelines for BBL 2020-2021 are as follows:

  • Power Surge

An advantageous regulation for the batting side can be implemented after the 11th over of the innings. The batting team can call for ‘Power Surge’, a two-over duration fielding surge for the bowling team. But, only two fielders will be allowed outside the ground’s inner circle for giving batsmen an opportunity to smash amazing scores. However, the Powerplay fielding has been reduced to four overs from six as compensation for Power Surge.

  • Bash Boost

The rule ‘Bash Boost’ will be advantageous for both teams. A bonus point will be awarded in the second innings to the chasing team. If they have scored more than the equivalent runs obtained by the former team in the 10th over. However, the fielding team will receive a bonus point. If they managed to restrict the chasing team to reach their equivalent score.

Additionally, the traditional score of 2 which was awarded to the winning team of Big Bash League has been changed to 3.

  • The X-Factor

On the team sheet, the player assigned 12th or 13th position will be called ‘X-factor Player.’ After the completion of the first innings 10th over, that 12th or 13th player can enter into the match, as per wish, and replace any batsmen or bowler who is yet to play or have bowled just one over.

However, Cricket Australia may allow crowds amid pandemic to support the teams and cheer for them while sitting in the stadium.




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