Pakistani Cricketers Wives I Wives Of Pakistani Cricketers

Pakistani Cricketers Wives I Wives Of Pakistani Cricketers

Pakistani Cricketers Wives

Name Wife Of
Rubab Khan Shoaib Akhtar
Komal Khan Sohail Tanvir
Aaiza Ilyas Kamran Akmal
Amber Hafeez Imran Nazir
Sania Hilal Mohammed Asif
Faryal Waqar Waqar Younis
Zainab Choudhary Wahab Riaz
Noor Amna Umar Akmal
Nazia Hafeez Mohammed Hafeez
Uzma Khan Misbah-Ul-Haq
Nadia Afridi Shaheed Afridi
Narjis Khatun Mohammed Amir
Naila Azhar Azhar Ali
Sana Murad Ahmed Shahzad
Syed Khusbaht Sarfraz Ahmed

These are a few of wives of various Pakistani cricketers. It should also be noted that some of the players mentioned above have retired.

Many Of Them Don’t Have A Social Media Profile

This is indeed true. Several reasons can be attributed to this. They are:

  • The culture in Pakistan isn’t that accepting of the same.
  • Most of these women hail from middle to low income backgrounds and have no motive of capitalizing on the name and fame of their cricketer husbands.

Have Pakistani Cricketers Married Non-Pakistani Women?

Yes, Shoaib Malik for instance married Sania Mirza. There are several instances where this has happened. Though divorces too are somewhat there in such cases. In some cases, the woman who married also went on to convert to Islam. Though unrelated, it was also in case of Mohammed Yousuf.

While these are facts, it is better not to comment anything about the personal decisions made by two consenting adults.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many times has Imran Khan married?


Who was Imran Khan’s 1st wife?

Jemima Goldsmith

Who was Imran Khan’s 2nd wife?

Reham Khan

Who is Imran Khan’s 3rd wife?

Bushra Bibi

Will Imran Khan marry again?

It is possible that he might marry again. After all, he is just 68 years old. Maybe he might troll his fans by marrying again when he is 69. In his appearance in Aap Ki Adalat he referred to his married years of his life as the best ones of all.






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