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Parthiv Patel is a known name in the cricketing realm. He owns many achievements under his name like he is the youngest wicket-keeper to represent a nation in test matches.

Parthiv Patel (PP) embarked on the world of international cricket at the age of just 17. Patel hails from Gujarat and has earned a good reputation in domestic and international cricket. He is eminent for his excellent wicket keeping and batting.

PP had an outstanding career and achieving glorious victories at very young antiquity. The terrific man steered India at an Under-19 World Cup in New Zealand. He is one of the youngest test debut makers for India.

Parthiv Patel

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Be it domestic matches, ODIs, Tests, IPL, or any international game, Patel showcased his immense talent. He was also a notable participant in the 2003 Cricket World Cup in South Africa. Parthiv Patel, the phenomenal wicket-keeper, and batsman exemplified India in 25 Test matches, 38 one-day internationals, and 2 T20Is.

Patel achieved 6 Test fifties, which encompasses a tremendous 69-run whack against Pakistan in Rawalpindi while inaugurating the strike as a batsman. The talent box Parthiv has displayed his vigour and allure in IPL, too, as a player of Mumbai Indians.

On December 9, 2020, Parthiv Patel declared retirement from all the formats of cricket. He will stay connected with cricket after that as a talent scout and via other ways, but he will not be seen playing anymore on the field.

He might have announced retirement, but the cricket fanatics will always cherish Parthiv as a dynamic player with an unusual career. His 18 years long career portrays his vitality and passion for cricket.

Parthiv’s management and playing skills will also receive warmth and applause from cricket lovers. This man is an epitome of talent and endless capacity in the cricket domain.

Parthiv Patel Debut Match

Parthiv Patel is a notable player in the cricket arena. He is a sheer epitome of magnificence and mastery when it comes to batting and wicket keeping. Patel has declared retirement from all the cricket configurations, but his role in the game so far is worth recollecting and praising.

He entered into the domain of cricket way back in 2002 when he was merely 17 years old. His test debut match took place on 8 august 2002. His debut match was the gaming world’s talk as Parthiv was a teen. When he got an opportunity in the national team for an important game.

When he participated in the 2002 test match versus England, then at that time, he was the first youngest debut player to represent any nation. Parthiv started playing very young, and his sheer dedication and diligence towards the game made his early presence even more enchanting and powerful.

Parthiv Patel in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi Movie

PP has a terrific batting style and effective wicketkeeping. The talented player has taken retirement from all forms of cricket. But, he is not retired from the hearts of cricket lovers. We all know that Parthiv is an incredible player, and he has set many accomplishments in the cricket horizons.

The player, along with cricket, has also shown his vitality in the acting arena. Parthiv made a special appearance in Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan, and Akshay Kumar starrer movie Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. Parthiv and other prominent cricketers from the cricket fraternity made a cameo in the film.

The movie was an extraordinary hit and grabbed all the attention when it was launched. Parthiv Patel did a small comedy skit with Harbhajan Singh in the movie’s climax when hero Salman khan proposed heroine Priyanka on the field. The appearance of Parthiv and other phenomenal cricketers makes the film even more appealing.

Parthiv Patel in MTV Bakra

Parthiv Patel is a prominent player and he was 17 years old in the cricketing sphere when he made a debut. After 20 long years of being a cricket player, Patel has decided to bid goodbye to cricket from all the formats. It is the best time to recollect some episodes about Parthiv from the past.

MTV Bakra is a prominent prank show which earned great importance in the early 2000s.  The team of MTV Bakra pranked Parthiv. The group planned the prank with the taxi driver of Parthiv in Gujarat. The driver enacts that he is having some health problem in his chest. But, he insisted Parthiv to drive the car.

When Patel started driving the car, he was caught by fake policemen. Who scolded him for driving at a premature age. They also imposed a fine on the young Parthiv and made him apologize to them. Later, he was told that the fake cops are pranking him. The episode starring young and innocent Patel getting pranked grabbed all the eyes back in 2003.

Parthiv Patel in the Kapil Sharma Show

Parthiv Patel is an incredible player of the cricket fraternity. He is known for his aptitude, powerful skills, and impeccable charm in the cricket arena. The phenomenal cricketer also appeared in the famous The Kapil Sharma Show. Patel has played many phenomenal knocks and tranquil wicketkeeping was seen in a cheerful mood.

The player shared moments of laughter with the host Kapil Sharma, Surya Kumar Yadav, Deepak Chahar, and Archana Puran Singh. Patel enjoyed the show to its fullest and busted some laughter beans. He reveals his infamous chicken story with Kapil Sharma.

Patel revealed that he was a pure vegetarian and didn’t use to eat onion and garlic. But, at an Australian resort, he was taken aback when he was served boiled chicken. The episode which cast Parthiv Patel was a treat for the cricket lovers. Because Parthiv is a lovable figure in the cricket domain.

Parthiv Patel marriage

Parthiv Patel is one of the most praised and loved athletes in the cricket expanse. A terrific player who has played superb knocks and unmatched wicketkeeping. Let’s peep a little into the personal life of this fantastic player. Parthiv is married to her longtime friend Avni Zaveri.

He hitched with Avni back in 2008 on 9 March. The marriage day was also the 23rd birthday of Parthiv, and the joy of the celebration was double. Avni is an interior designer from Gujarat.

The player shares a beautiful relation with his wife, Avni. She has been an incredible support for Parthiv in his illustrious career. On 9 December 2020, a timeless player announced retirement from all the cricket settings, but he will never lose that beautiful space he has created in the hearts of cricket fanatics.

On his retirement, Avni jotted down a lovely note for husband Parthiv and added more warmth to his retirement day.

Parthiv Patel’s Life Story

Parthiv Ajay Patel hailing from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He was an Indian wicketkeeper and left-handed batsman in the Indian cricket team. The player has portrayed his charm both in domestic and international cricket circuits. Patel is the youngest Indian wicketkeeper in test history. He is the only Indian player to attain five or more consecutive innings in first-class history in 2007. Parthiv embarked on his career in 2001. On December 9, 2020, he bid adieu to the cricket world as a player by announcing his retirement from all major cricket formats.

In his cricket journey, he has played 25 test matches, 38 ODIs, 139 IPLs and 204 T20s. Parthiv has travelled the journey of 20 long years in the cricketing realm. In 2008, Patel married his long time girlfriend Avni Zaveri and also has a daughter Venika Patel with her. Patel is known for his calmness and serene nature on the field. People still reminisce about his charismatic presence in the Indian Cricket Team.






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