Rohit Sharma Was Born to Play the Pull Shot

Rohit Sharma Was Born to Play the Pull Shot says Harsha Bhogle

Star cricketer Rohit Sharma is well-known throughout the world for his memorable pull shots. And he is rightly so because of his thumping success which he has achieved while playing this shot.

Rohit Sharma Was Born to Play the Pull Shot:  It is also considered to be his favorite shot. Indian cricketing legend Sunil Gavaskar also praised Rohit for how he plays this shot last year when he said that ‘Rohit as per him plays the best amongst all Indian batsmen.’

This happened during an IPL (Indian Premier League) match in its 2020 edition. Rohit Sharma led his team to the IPL Championship.

Rohit Sharma Was Born to Play the Pull Shot

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He learned how to be perfect at this shot when he used to practice on Astro-turf and cement tracks in Mumbai. Many others, like Ricky Ponting, were also well-known like Rohit for playing this shot.

To prove that he is currently the best pull shot player globally, let’s look at some statistics (since 2015).

  • Number of pull shots – 570 (highest in the world)
  • Number of sixes hit using the pull shot – 116 (highest in the world)
  • No of runs scored using the pull shot – 1567 (highest in the world)
  • Percentage of total runs which were scored by making use of the pull shot- 17.47% again (highest in the world)

We think these stats are more than enough to prove that Rohit Sharma is the best pull shot hitter out there. Thus, Harsha Bhogle has rightly said, “Rohit Sharma was born to play the pull shot.”

Currently, Rohit is busy with the 3rd test of the prestigious Border Gavaskar Trophy. Hopefully, we will be able to see more amazing pull shots off his bat. We would also like to mention that Rohit has a phenomenal strike rate of more than 250 while playing this shot since 2015. You can only imagine his skill with this stat. 




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