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Steve Smith Spotted Shadow Batting in Hotel Room

Steve Smith Spotted Shadow Batting in Hotel Room: Steve Smith is one of the best Australian batsmen as of now in the existing team. His wife Dani Willis, shared the video on her Instagram story. Jokes apart, it is quite a great thing that Steve did that. This shows his dedication to his sport, team and country. He might have also done this in the excitement of the third test of the prestigious Border Gavaskar Trophy.

If we talk about Steve’s performance in the ongoing Border Gavaskar Trophy, then he scored just one run in the first innings of the test and one run again in the second innings. As for the second test match of the series, he got out on duck in the first innings and scored just 8 runs in the second innings.

Steve Smith Spotted Shadow Batting in Hotel Room

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He might be doing the shadow practice in his hotel room because of the immense pressure which is in because of his very poor performance. Scoring just 10 runs in the entire 4 innings is indeed a serious issue.

Smith’s performance is quite crucial for the Australian cricket team as they are ties with India as of now in the series (1-1). If he manages to overcome his bad form and score some crucial runs for Australia, it would greatly increase Australia’s chances of winning.

Australia also requires to win as many matches as possible because it would like to stay in a safe zone while qualifying for the ICC Test Cricket Championship Finals.

As for Steve’s video while shadow batting, Dani Willis should have been more careful while posting these types of videos because since Steve is suffering from poor form, trolls might create a ruckus on social media platforms like Twitter by harassing and trolling him brutally.

Anyway, it would be great to see how the 3rd test match turns out between India and Australia. Hopefully, we will be able to watch some really great cricket.




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