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Scuffing Meaning In Cricket

Scuffing Meaning In Cricket

Scuffing Meaning In Cricket: The term scuffing has again gained relevancy due to what Australian player Steve Smith did in the third Test of the Border Gavaskar Trophy. The term ‘scuffing’ mainly implies to brushing or rubbing a surface.

What Smith has done is perhaps never done before in the history of the entire sport. While Smith was struggling with his batting form in the first two matches, he made a remarkable comeback in the third test.

Scuffing Meaning In Cricket

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He scored 131 and 81 runs in the first and the second innings. He was spotted by the stump’s camera scuffing Indian cricketer and batsman Rishabh Pant’s guard. Because of this, Pant had to mark his guard back again after the match resumed.

Now you might be wondering why a batsman needs to take the guard while batting. This is because he needs to know where exactly is he standing to the stumps. It is required because it makes sure that the batsman bats from a consistent point before the stumps.

The question, although still remains. Why did Smith engage in this kind of behaviour? Hontestly, there is no exact answers to this question. This is because there is no such law which regulates this kind of out of box behaviour. Many fans were disappointed with his behaviour and share their opinions about the incident.

Maybe after this incident, ICC might change its laws to announce punishment for scuffing pitches. The main aim of doing something like this might to dishearten the batsman. 

The match itself was very controversial as there was sledging from the Australian players, racial slurs shouted by the audience at the Indian cricketers Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Siraj. These things didn’t affect the match at a greater level, and India successfully made sure to draw the game.



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