Second World Test Championship Winner

Second World Test Championship Winner

Australia was the winner of the Second World Test Championship after beating India on the fifth day of the final.

India had high hopes for the world record target of 444. They looked to their champion, Virat Kohli. However, he was out for 49 during the seventh over of the day.

Virat Kohli tried to aim a loose drive at Scott Boland, while Steve Smith took a surprising catch at second slip. During this same over, we saw Ravindra Jadeja edging Scott Boland from the rear.

During this time, Australia already had the game in their grasp. They however continued to put in the work. They got through the lower order just before lunch and shoved India with 234 and victory was theirs by 209 runs. By the end of the game, Boland had 3-46, while Nathan Lyon followed behind with 4-41.

The Australian team has earned their way to becoming the second winner of the world Test championship. New Zealand held this same title last two years. Furthermore, this makes Australia the best Test team in the world.

Australia Becomes Second World Test Championship Winner

This is a deserving win for Australia as the team clearly worked hard for this championship. They emerged as winners on the first day of this championship finals. The team came prepared.

The Indian crowd showed that they had a lot of hope even though they were behind. Indian crowd cheered every defensive stroke in order to help raise the player’s spirits.

However, the Indian fans lost hope when Kohli made a fatal edge. Indeed the Australian team did well to acquire victory in a fashionable manner.

This final was won by a large margin, but still, it was a wonderful thing to watch. You could feel the intensity of the Test cricket.

Stunning Performance From Boland

Scott Boland, the man who managed to take his team to victory is a stunning cricketer. The man is only 32 years old and he has managed to create a legacy for himself. He is known for accuracy, relentlessness, and swift movement. These were the skills that he used to make his team victorious in the world test championship finals today.

Virat Kohli had a nice start when Scott Boland managed to drag him into a wide one. The thick edge made its way to the right second slip and Smith managed to catch it with both hands with his body parallel to the ground. This was indeed spectacular.

Two balls an after the catch from Smith, Jadeja’s nick was audible around the ground. This would have given Bharat his first delivery, but, a deflection off the glove to balloon over the first slip.

Ajinkya Rahane stood his ground until one drive at Mitchell Starc broke his resistance on 46.

The Winning Moment

During the first inning, Travis Head and Steven Smith managed to give Australia control over the game. However, this didn’t do much as the Indian team managed to push the game to the fifth day. They played a heck of a game, but it just wasn’t enough to give them the Test championship.

It was a sad moment for the Indians as they got bowled out for 234. The Australian team dominated the Second World Test Championship Final Match and they become the champions.

Nathan Lyon from the Australian team is currently the world’s highest wicket-taker.


The Australians are the current World Test Champions. This is definitely an amazing achievement for the team, as it is every cricketer’s dream to get here. Pat Cummins and his team members are definitely going to have a blast tonight. They definitely deserve it.

Player of The Match

Travis Head

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