Tips To Manage Your In-Game Budget In Fantasy Cricket Games

Tips To Manage Your In-Game Budget In Fantasy Cricket Games

Tips To Manage Your In-Game Budget In Fantasy Cricket Games


Fantasy cricket has massive hype amongst the masses for two main reasons. Firstly, it allows hardcore cricket fans to test their cricket knowledge by creating virtual cricket squads for real-life matches and making predictions. Besides this, the cricket prediction app earn money scheme that such games offer players the chance to earn exciting rewards by making correct predictions. The gameplay of most fantasy cricket games is similar. Players simply need to select an upcoming match in a fantasy cricket app, create a team of players who, according to them, will shine in the match, and join contests to win rewards. Although the gameplay is very simple, the real challenge for players lies in creating the perfect team using a finite amount of in-game credits. In this article, we will look at how fantasy players need to create their fantasy roster and list multiple effective tips following which they can manage or use their in-game budget sensibly to create the best possible team.

Tips To Manage Your In-Game Budget In Fantasy Cricket Games

  • Creating a Fantasy Cricket Team:

In most fantasy cricket games, players must create full-fledged teams of the right composition. Every player listed is worth a specific amount of in-game credits, i.e., to add a player to their roster, players need to spend a part of the fixed in-game credits assigned to them.

  • Tips to Manage In-Game Budget in Fantasy Cricket Games:

Creating a fantasy cricket team, especially one with the highest chances of winning, requires experience and knowledge. Hence, the team creation process is quite tricky, especially for those who are new to the world of fantasy cricket, since they do not have enough experience to select the best players while maintaining their in-game budget. However, there are a few tips following which fantasy players can manage their in-game budget without compromising on the quality of players they select for their team. Let us take a detailed look at some of them:

  • Know the Value of Fantasy Picks Along With the Overall Budget

The first thing fantasy players should keep in mind to manage their budget in the most effective way possible is the total amount of in-game credits they have, along with the value of each player. Every fantasy pick comes along with a fixed price tag. Similarly, fantasy players or users are also given limited credits to spend when creating their teams. Players who are aware of the finite in-game resources they have can smartly build their team by recruiting players who are well within their total budget. On the other hand, if a player does not pay heed to the total credits they have, they will surely run out of credits after recruiting only a few of the most expensive players. This will not only result in wasted efforts but also force them to re-select the entire roster once again. Hence, to avoid straining their in-game budget and save time and effort, players are advised to look at and keep their total budget along with the value of players in mind when creating a fantasy cricket team.

  • Do not Spend Heavily on Star Players

One of the easiest ways to spoil the in-game budget is going all out on expensive star players. Many fantasy cricket players, especially beginners, make the mistake of thinking that the more star players they have in their team, the better their chances of winning matches are. Although star players have a positive impact, there is no guarantee that every single star player will perform in a match. Hence, players are advised to save up in-game credits by selecting only a selected few star cricketers on their squad. Moreover, they are advised to abstain from selecting top-tier players who are not in good form. Doing so will allow them to have a regulated in-game budget without nullifying their chances of winning games.

  • Identity Value Picks and Add Them to the Team

Although managing the in-game budget is important to succeed, selecting quality players is also important to win matches. Fortunately, there is a way to do both – by identifying and picking value picks. Value picks refer to players who are undervalued but have the potential to shine in real-life matches. By choosing such picks, fantasy players can save ample in-game credits and use them to acquire high-value star players. To determine which cricketers are value picks, fantasy players need to do proper research about cricketers and analyze their past performances. For example, they should look for professional players whose in-game prices have not gone up despite delivering consistent performances. Besides this, they can also opt for players to return to the field after recovering from an injury.

  • Keep Match-Day Playing Conditions in Mind When Recruiting Players

Certain cricketers are statistically proven to perform well in certain playing conditions. Hence, when creating a fantasy cricket team, players are advised to keep the playing conditions of the match day in mind to ensure they do not strain their budget by selecting players who are not the perfect fit for specific matches based on the day’s playing conditions. Let us elaborate with an example. Fantasy players should prioritize selecting a newcomer over an experienced one if the former is known for performing well in the said conditions. Doing so will increase the chances of the fantasy player winning matches without emptying their in-game budget since newcomers or beginners are way less expensive than experienced ones.


With the help of the aforementioned tips, even novice fantasy cricket players can manage their in-game budget without hassle.

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