Side Strain Injury in Cricket

Side Strain Injury in Cricket I It’s Symptoms and Causes I

Side Strain Injury in Cricket

A side strain injury is an extremely common injury among cricket fast bowlers. However, this is unique among cricketers. Generally, bowlers strain the non-bowling side abdominal muscles. Abdominal muscle insertions strains are majorly on to the lower ribs. 

During the bowling action, the oblique muscles get stretched causing side strain injury. Side strains are proportional to the bowler’s bowling speed. The faster the speed of bowling, the more likely the bowler will suffer side strain injury.

Side Strain Injury in Cricket

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Side Strain Injury Symptoms 

The most common symptom that shows side strain injury in cricketers is severe pain on the non-bowling side. It occurs suddenly and gets intensified when the oblique muscles are stretched. However, other symptoms include bruising, swelling, and cause restrictions in the movement.

Side Strain Injury Causes

The internal tearing of the oblique muscle from the under surface of any one out of four lower ribs or costal cartilages. The elasticity of coastal cartilages allows the movement of chest in respiration.  It connects to the sternum and the ribs ends.

Side Strain Injury Medical Treatment

Bowlers suffering from the pain of side strain injury can follow the following steps to get relief:

  • Rest is the most effective treatment that allows the time for side abdominal muscle to heal.
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic medication can also aid cricketers facing side strain injury.
  • Can apply Ice-Pack after every 2 hours for at least 20 minutes.
  • No physical activity until the side strain injury is properly healed.
  • Physiotherapy to be done because it will build up strength gradually and eventually increase movement.
  • Can apply A cohesive Compression Bandage to limit the tissue bleeding.

Side Strain Injury Prevention

Side strain injury in bowlers is generally due to overuse without any rest. Hence, it is imperative to rest the muscles between the cricket or exercise sessions. It is mandatory for bowlers to take a break after a few overs to prevent side strain injury.




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