Hamstring Injury in Cricket

Hamstring Injury in Cricket

Hamstring Injury in Cricket

Cricketers go through a lot. A hell lot actually. Starting from bad days to worse injuries even career and life threatening at times. The hamstrings are basically tendons situated at the back of the thighs which generally attach the large thigh muscles to the bones. We don’t really have the limit in hand, thus at times our muscles are stretched beyond the limit resulting in hamstring injury in cricket. 

Hamstring Injury in Cricket

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In the world of sports, there’s grading everywhere!

There are 3 grades of Hamstring Injury:

  • Grade 1 (Mild hamstring strains)

This is a mild stage, not much dangerous but can cause a barrier while moving the leg.

  • Grade 2  (Partial Hamstring Tears)

This isn’t normal anymore. There can be swelling and other serious issues like bruising at the back of the thigh. 

  • Grade 3 (Severe Hamstring Tears)

It’s really-really painful. There can be sudden as well as dangerous after effects and it might result in not moving the affected leg completely.

When there’s problem, there has to be some solution-

  • Rest: It’s always recommended to take ample amount of rest, shouldn’t use the affected leg that much.
  • Applying Ice: it’s an instant reliever. 
  • Compression: Bandage is suggested so as to reduce swelling.
  • Elevation: Leg should be kept raised with the help of a pillow which reduces further swelling.
  • Gentle exercises and stretches: Too many days without exercise might be bad but starting off too early can be worse. Mild start will be best. 

It’s always hard for a sportsman to just sit for days without his/her team, to just sit back home, do what is needful is not always easy as it shows to be. Though, it’s never too late to have hope of a better comeback.




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