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About Sydney Cricket Ground

Cricket is an interesting game. That is why it has fans all around the world. Cricket grounds are sacred to them as well. Very few cricket stadiums are what we can call legendary. Sydney cricket ground is one of those.

Sydney Cricket Ground is located in the Moore Park area of the city. This stadium has seen a lot of cricket in its lifespan. If we talk a bit about the history of this stadium, then it was established in 1848; making it well over 172 years old. Back in the day, it was known as “. Garrison Ground”.

Although it has a limited capacity of just forty thousand people, this makes sure that everyone gets to see the action as it unfolds there. The ground is also the home ground of the Big Bash League team “Sydney Sixers”.

Although you might think that it is an exclusive cricket ground, this is not the case. Many other sports like Rugby, football are also played here. This makes it a multipurpose ground.

The first test match on the ground was played as early as 1882 between Australia and England. It has played host to almost 105 test matches till now. The ground has also seen some historic innings as well.

Chief among them being Sir Donald Bradman’s 452 runs against Queensland. Other memorable events include the last matches of Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne besides M. Clarke’s 300 run knock against India in 2012.

Hopefully, the ground will witness many more records and interesting innings as time passes. As of now, the Sydney cricket ground is one of the most revered cricket stadiums in the whole world.

We hope that this article has given you a brief history of the ground. Do stay connected for more updates related to all things cricket.

Sydney Cricket Ground

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Sydney Cricket Ground History

While legends like Shane Warne played their first and last international test cricket matches here, the history of the ground goes way back in time.

While it was referred to as the Garrison Ground when it was opened, the first test match was played in 1882 here.

But it wasn’t until the year 1894 when it received its current name, Sydney Cricket Ground.  There used to be a cycling track in the ground.

One of the many carpenters who worked on its formwork during construction was the father of Sir Don Bradman.

During the decades of the twenties and the thirties, there used to be huge crowd of people turning up at the ground to take a glimpse of Bradman’s batting.

Over time, many new developments like construction of the light towers for day and night cricket took place adding new features to stay modernized.

Notable Events at Sydney Cricket Ground 


When Did It Happen?

Don Bradman’s highest first-class cricket innings of 452 runs


First woman’s club match in SCG


Night cricket played for the first time during World Series Cricket

28th Nov 1978

Shane Warne’s First Test


Shane Warne’s Final Test


First Ashes Clean Sweep


100th Test at the stadium

January 2012

Second Ashes Clean Sweep


Phillip Hughes Struck By Sean Abbott’s Bouncer

25th Nov 2014

Australia’s 1000th international cricket

12th Jan 2019

Sydney Cricket Ground Records




Held By

Most Extras In An Innings










Largest Win By Runs










Largest Win By Wickets






New Zealand




Sydney Cricket Ground Weather


July and August are the coldest months with an average temperature of 11 degree Celsius. January is the warmest one with temperatures approaching 27 degree Celcius.  


March is on an average the wettest month while July is the driest. This is because Australia lies in the Southern Hemisphere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Sydney Cricket Ground a Batting Pitch?

Yes, it is a batting pitch as many might know but during a test match, spinners can be effective from the 4th day onwards.

How Big Is the Sydney Cricket Ground?

It is the biggest one when it comes to the straight boundary length.

How Many Cricket Stadiums Are There in Sydney?

4 stadiums are there in Sydney that are used for cricket.

What Happened in Sydney Cricket Ground?

During the Border Gavaskar Trophy of 2020-2021, Jasprit Bumrah and his team mate Siraj were bombarded with verbal abuse when they were fielding near the boundary.

Who Runs the Sydney Cricket Ground?

SCG Trust runs the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Is SCG a Big Ground?

Yes, it can be classified as a big ground.

How Old Is Sydney Ground?

SCG is 173 years old.

What Are They Building Next to the SCG?

They are building a new fitness center next to the cricket ground.

Is SCG Pitch Flat?

Yes, the SCG pitch is flat. It is quite common to see this characteristic of the ground to be discussed after test cricket matches.

What Can You Take Into Sydney Cricket Ground?

You can take your food into the stadium along with drinks that aren’t alcoholic. Though the containers need to be of plastic.

How Many Grounds Are in Sydney?

There are 11 cricket grounds in Sydney.

How Old Is the SCG Members Stand?

The SCG members stand is more than 100 years old.

What Time Is Lunch Sydney Test?

Lunch during a test at the SCG is from 12:30 PM to 1:10 PM.

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